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Published: 13.10.2018

Yury Drogan, the CEO in GrowthAcademy.ru told us about Agile marketing at the Russian forum of marketing 2017.

In what cases the Agile method will approach:

In other words, Agile marketing is experiments. In often changing world situation it is necessary to adapt quickly and this method will work. The flexibility will help to solve tangled problems.

Now work of marketing & #8212; it is the speed of testing of hypotheses. The more you test hypotheses, the more company can get profits because the quantity turns into quality. Experiments help the companies grow, and to do not stand still.

How to test hypotheses?

It is possible to use a HADI cycle. The HADI cycle is a process of four stages. At the beginning of a week hypotheses which will be tested within a week gather and formulated. Then you make an experiment. At the end of the week you collect data on hypotheses, reactions of clients to changes. Then it is necessary to understand what of hypotheses worked better. In reality testing takes a lot of time.

To segment testing of hypotheses there is AAARRRR funnel. It allows to segment testing of hypotheses on seven stages, that is it is necessary to hold every week at each stage testing of hypotheses.

1 stage - informing. This how you attract traffic on the website. Measurement happens to the help of displays, clicks, costs of involvement of the user, CTR.

The 2nd stage - attraction. This first action of the visitor on the website - conversion in a lead, the cost of attraction of a lead, refusals, quantity of leads.

The 3rd stage - activation. "Fitting" of a product is a concept that the product is necessary to the client. Measurement happens to the help of OMTM, events, retention.

The 4th stage - deduction. Repeated involvement.

The 5th stage - profitability. Monetization is Revenue, LTV, Mom, C2. Testing of a form of payment, ABC of a segment.

The 6th stage - virality. Old users give new.

The 7th stage - revival. Involvement of the clients disappointed or refused purchase.

You can download AAARRRR funnel for testing of hypotheses of your business here.

Fill and test hypotheses for receiving profit.

That in business to achieve a goal, it is necessary to cease to do everything. And the funnel will help to systematize that, what are you doing, for achievement of the necessary purpose in business.

This method with success is applied abroad. In Russia, unfortunately, this method is not so often applied. Not all large companies decide to apply Agile a method and to publish the progress.

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