2017 for a wedding favorable or not, at the request of chitaty

Published: 25.6.2018
2017 for a wedding favorable or not

Annually thousands of couples, in our country, are officially married and as to replace 2016 the 2017th comes, respectively for many young people, only planning will get married in the coming year, it is very important to know: what will be 2017 for a wedding & #8212; favorable or not?

As 2017 will succeed 2016 - leap, according to many superstitious people, for a wedding it will be not absolutely favorable. However most of astrologers of the present deny such position, claiming that it - only one of many own mistakes which are thought up by people for justification.

In the people the year going after leap is designated widow year (t.e not really favorable). For this reason, many young couples postpone date of a wedding not to draw a trouble upon the union. However statistics of the previous years says that it is inexpedient to be afraid of such names. For example, 2014 it was announced year of widowers, but no special increase in mortality was recorded, so there are no prerequisites in order that a wedding 2017 & #8212; it was postponed. Unfortunately, often the lack of necessary education and education of some families and diffidence, are where big dangers to family life, than the astrological date chosen for a wedding.

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