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Published: 7.5.2019
advantage of Pilates: 6 advantages to be engaged every week

Pilates becomes popular. More and more people are engaged in it at least once in a week. At first they perceive this practice just as one of types of physical exercises, but subsequently realize what the true advantage of Pilates consists in: without exaggeration it is possible to tell that it is a guarantee of physical and mental health.

Among the main advantages of Pilates it should be noted: the help in fight against excess weight, maintenance of muscles in a tone, improvement of a bearing and a possibility of overcoming nervous breakdowns, such as the increased concern, alarm and stress.

Today we will tell you what the advantage of Pilates consists in, and you will be able always to be in shape, without risking to be traumatized during the occupations.

You improve the flexibility and receive the harmonious, tightened figure which you already do not want to lose for anything.

Advantage of Pilates: 6 preimushchestv1. Gradual loss of weight

Pilates makes active a metabolism, it is the function of our organism which is responsible, as we know, for power consumption. So, metabolism accelerates, body temperature increases, sweating and the number of the burned calories increases. It promotes gradual reduction of body weight.

Ideally to combine Pilates with aerobic loadings: walking, dances, run, swimming, driving the bicycle and so forth

Then you will be able to reach necessary balance between toning of muscles and a training of a cardiovascular system. It is the healthiest and effective way to lose weight and not to gain subsequently the lost weight.

Practice of Pilates every week & #8212; a great way to support muscles in a tone and to increase the force and endurance.

During the occupations different groups of muscles work with Pilates. Besides, the balance of muscle work between the top and lower parts of a body, unlike many other sports is reached.

Gradually losing excess weight and strengthening muscles, we receive more harmonious and tightened figure. Muscles do not increase in volume, but become more relief. And exercises on an extension and flexibility help to create a desirable silhouette.

Your body will be pleasant to you, women will receive beautiful bends and elasticity, and men & #8212; muscles (both torso, and legs).

4. Good bearing

All above-mentioned has a positive impact on our bearing. The tightened muscles of a stomach & #8212; this ideal condition for an equal back, and strong lumbar muscles and muscles of an upper back & #8212; help to hold a stomach involved.

Also muscles of legs and buttocks (this effect is present too) are important for maintenance of a direct torso, thus, the body becomes completely balanced.

The advantage of Pilates is that it allows to work completely all muscles, without disregarding any of parts of a body.

Pilates always includes an extension. Usually such exercises are carried out at the beginning and at the end of a training, and sometimes and become a part of power exercises.

The correct extension is necessary in order that muscles worked at full capacity (without being limited only to reduction).

Carrying out exercises on an extension, you will notice how your body becomes more and more flexible. It will help you to avoid unnecessary injuries and also problems with muscles and joints in the future.

Besides, Pilates considerably improves a bearing and is excellent physical training to any kind of sport if you suddenly want to be engaged in something seriously.

The sport and physical activity not only help us to get rid of excess weight, but also give force to our muscles, and in general do all body more beautiful and attractive.

Regular practice of physical exercises has numerous advantages including for nervous system. Trainings facilitate fight against such violations as a stress, concern or a depression.

Pilates, in particular, demands good concentration of attention and coordination of movements. And two of these abilities force us to release the mind and to forget for a while about daily cares so such training will help to lay aside all family disorders and problems at work.

During the occupations our mind is focused by Pilates on such aspects as the movement, force, balance or breath. Thus, practice of Pilates becomes a powerful tool for protection against a stress.


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