Amusing: where to find gloves which will serve to you not one season

Published: 23.11.2017
 where to find gloves which will serve to you not one season

Irina Shchapova, journalist, feminist and unruly shopaholic

The principles of reasonable consumption and our own bank account kind of hint that it is more favorable to buy one qualitative thing for several seasons, than to get every year inexpensive and short-lived. In the winter the question is particularly acute, and you, most likely, will prefer genuine leather and warm wool to all set of artificial materials which do not warm so well and are to the touch not so pleasant.

The main character of this review - a glove, but not simple, but such which you buy once and you carry many years in a row. Or even at the best deal you leave in inheritance as a relic and the proof that in our century of polyester and neon shades someone put elegance and faultless quality above all.

A lamb - the most gentle skin which can be chosen for such accessory and lined from natural silk these gloves precisely have effect of professional massage for hands. The skin shade also did not pump up - hot chocolate in pure form.

Such "dual" things always have some special charm: two materials unlike at each other connect to create conformable symbiosis at the exit. In addition colors of gloves - black and dark gray - proved as the most demanded in the winter so about "will approach everything" we do not exaggerate at all.

Trends - it put that you will only read about a leopard print as eyes to look around at it everywhere. And of course, in accessories. These gloves are simply necessary for you if your winter coat of brown, cherry or mustard color.

A coloring - heart at the peak of love, a lining - natural silk moreover and the phrase adored by all shopaholics "Is made in Italy". If black, brown and gray gloves at you are already available, then why not to try a shade of peppers of Chile?

At long gloves absolutely special charisma in addition to the test warming properties. By the way, if you wear a coat more often than jackets, then long gloves will even suit you more - they will warm for lack of elastic bands on sleeves.

The Portolano brand does accessories in retrostyle that then you were tortured questions of in what vintage boutique you bought these gloves. By sight they as though it is from the 20th years of the last century, without exaggerations!

Suede on durability concedes to skin and has property to quicker lose the color. But if in genuine leather do not create such bright accessories, then it is necessary to sacrifice sometimes quality in favor of a stylish and unusual thing.


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