Angelina Jolie takes a bath together with children, discussion

Published: 1.7.2018
Jolie's andzhelina takes a bath together with children

Sonya Morsikova, editor-in-chief of a news feed

Methods of education of star mothers often are exposed to criticism. Mila Kunis condemn for the fact that she allows the three-year-old daughter to drink wine, Charlize Theron - for the fact that it dresses up the son in the girl, and Victoria Beckham - for kisses with the daughter in lips Е To Angelina Jolie, certainly, too is what to surprise adherents of traditional school of education.

Mother having many children admitted an interview to the Hello edition! UK that tries to avoid loneliness. "I can be referred to that category of mothers to whom rest is not necessary. And I am enraged by councils of people that I need to relax, - Angelina shared. - I think, many mothers cannot find uniform free minute to have a rest, but find some special pleasure in it. I even take a bath together with children, someone from them pleskatsya surely with me nearby until I finish. It is so lovely!"

Remembering how to Elisabeth Hurley got in social networks for recognition that her beach photos are made by her 15-year-old son, it is simple to present how snatched on Angelina after the last phase about joint bathing in the bathroom. Users of social networks are sure that so extravagant habit of mother having many children will negatively affect children, and abuse it for the wrong education. Let's remind that Angelina brings up six children: 9-year-old twins Vivienne and Knox, 11-year-old daughter Shaylo, 15-year-old Maddox, 13-year-old Paks and 12-year-old to Zakhar. All of them remained to live with her after parting with Brad Pitt.

Yes, so perhaps it is not boring and it is not lonely

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