As the man forces to believe the woman that it not in itself, discussion

Published: 25.2.2019
a gazlayting: as the man forces to believe the woman that she not in himself

The Gazlayting - a violence form, psychological manipulation which essence consists in an intended denial of reality and belief of the partner to stare in disbelief also to ears.

The person who underwent a gazlayting begins to doubt the & #171; адекватности» also can suspect that & #171; descends with ума».

The term appeared after a release of the movie "Gas Light" (& #171; Gaslight» 1944), where the husband arranged any strange incidents, and then convinced the wife that she saw them because the madwoman, and actually nothing of that kind was. That is, it is about methodical brainwashing as a result of which the victim begins to call into question the most obvious facts of reality.

It: & #171; You told that you from now on will always do it only ты» It: & #171; I never told it! What for nonsense? & #187;

It: & #171; Do not raise on me the voice, your words me ран¤т» It: & #171; I shout? I never shout. From what did you take? & #187;

It: & #171; Female voice? The darling, seemed to you, there was no it. Eternally you выдумываешь… & #187; Woman's Thoughts: & #171; Perhaps he is right and it was not? & #187;

It: & #171; You were simply tired at work therefore you cannot adequately estimate ситуацию» It: & #171; Yes, probably, you прав»

The victim of a gazlayting is almost always the woman who has problems with confidence in herself, with a self-assessment and feeling of borders. As a rule, to the relations with the specific person she shows strong dependence on others opinion.

The person subject to a gazlayting often gets to a vicious circle: he worries that is with it not everything is all right and ceases to communicate with other people what they would not notice it, but thereby he loses reflection on which he could rely, and convinces himself of "abnormality" more and more.

You at the same time know that it is, to put it mildly, a lie. He knows that you know it. And all the same calmly continues to lie and insist that it is the truth. What for? To create a precedent. If you swallow a big lie once, you every time will not be sure of whether the person tells you the truth. And to keep you in uncertainty - its purpose.

When he uses this tactics, he wants that you did not know to whom to trust whom to address - it will bring you to him again.

You should limit the communication with the manipulator. When psychological torture weakens, you at once potsmt that is with you everything is all right.

Begin to keep the diary where you will fix the important facts and events, then you will become more self-assured and in the memory.

Trust the memory and the feelings. It is not necessary to recheck events, being guided by memory of other people.

Discuss a problem directly. Explain what such behavior of people influences your mentality, gradually you & #171; убивает». If he loves you & #8212; he will cease if is not present & #8212; think of whether it is worth continuing such relations.

Book/movie "The Girl in the Train"

The plot very brightly displays, pressure how strongly affects from other person our subconsciousness and as from it our perception of the events can change completely. When the main character drank, she did not remember what happened to it, and for the morning the husband issued it the version of events which had nothing in common with reality.

Book/movie "Before I Fall Asleep"

Attitude of the main character towards the woman & #8212; it is a typical example of a gazlayting which purpose & #8212; to shake reality of the victim. To force it to doubt sober assessment of the events. In its arsenal & #8212; denial of the facts, depreciation of emotions, underlining of inadequacy of the interlocutor.

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