by of Windows ink for artists and all who got used to write by hand it is updated

Published: 21.11.2017
Windows ink for artists and all who got used to write by hand

The Build 2016 developers conference became the brightest technological event of the last week. There Microsoft showed to the world what it works on and what sees the future of technologies. New version of Windows 10, updating Skype, boats as basis of a web and HoloLens. All this, undoubtedly, interestingly, but is especially distinguished from announcements of the company to Windows Ink & #8212; a set of products for all users who still prefer the handle and paper.

In more detail for all high-tech industry it was told about great value of this technology in Max Slater-Robins note of "Microsoft is really gunning for the iPad Pro with Windows Ink" published by the WinBeta resource. Certainly, the point of view stated in this note is only one of possible. Besides, today nothing defined can be told about convenience of Windows Ink, it is possible to make certain assumptions only.

Windows Ink is a set of products for Surface Pro and for any other tablets supporting the stylus providing that set of functions which can be very useful to creative people.

Microsoft notes that with Windows Ink the stylus appears in the center. The company announced Ink Workspace & #8212; the set of applications which allow to use the stylus most effectively for various tasks. For example, among these applications there is also a program for notes which, using intellectual technology, it is capable to distinguish such words as, for example, "tomorrow" ("tomorrow") and on the basis of the understood text to carry out certain actions.

First of all the stylus and its opportunities are interesting to artists and designers. But the circle of users of the stylus is not limited to representatives of creative professions. On light there are a lot of people who are still preferring the handle and paper to digital input. Thus, new development of Microsoft can be pleasant to very much, practically to each user. Those users to whom the possibility of input by hand is represented important can begin to look narrowly at Surface tablets seriously.

It should be noted that new iPad Pro from Apple which were recently presented by the company are focused first of all on the same audience & #8212; users who constantly and intensively work with the tablet.

iPad Pro & #8212; the tablet with the 12,9-inch screen running the operating system iOS supports an additional accessory & #8212; Pencil Apple stylus. Surface Pen is similar, this stylus can be used for input of notes and drawing of pictures. Apple to seek to focus attention of public on this opportunity and even conducted the advertizing campaign showing work of artists on iPad.

But Microsoft with the Ink technology was succeeded to make something before unprecedented. The working space which can be activated in Windows 10 has a ruler which in the course of drawing by the PEN stylus can move a finger. Besides, the company offers also other tools which artists will consider very useful in the work.

As it is also peculiar to technologies of Microsoft, this functionality can be embedded in third-party applications, such as Adobe Photoshop. For this purpose it is enough as the company reported, all "two lines of the code" (remains not clear whether on the business only two lines of the code or these words were some exaggeration of simplicity of integration of new functionality into third-party applications).

Microsoft changed the approach, and now the company seeks to involve as much as possible users in use of the software. Even those who are not users of Windows. It is enough to tell that on the same iPad Pro all main applications of the Microsoft Office package can be started.

A little strange situation & #8212 turns out; Microsoft at the same time both strengthens the position iPad Pro and competes with it.

The Ink technology will allow to draw attention of people of creative professions to the Windows platform. It will turn out that to use OneNote on iPad, of course, the magnificent decision, but it is even better to use Surface.

iOS & #8212; extraordinary popular operating system, under its management works with iPhone. But it interferes with success of iPad Pro. Unlike Windows 10, on iPad Pro only the applications approved by Apple can be installed that to a little inconveniently those users who use third-party proprietary applications and it is a lot of such people.

The openness of the Windows platform and readiness of Microsoft to share the inventions and the software can become real advantage of Surface Pro in eyes of those people which will compare it to iPad. Surface supports all that software which can presumably it is required to the user. Meanwhile iPad supports only the latest and the brightest ON, but it does not mean that each user needs such set of programs.

Those tasks for which it is possible to use only Surface Pro, will demand presence at the user of iPad Pro and MacBook Pro. It is not only and in many cases insufficient, but for a number of users very significant argument in favor of Surface.

When Surface was for the first time presented, many doubted its prospects. But now becomes clear that Microsoft was succeeded to create the excellent device with great enrollment of the software. And all this thanks to the universal Windows Platform Universal platform which becomes better every day.

Despite numerous advantages of Windows 10 and inevitability of transition to it, Windows 7 remains the most popular operating system for the personal computer. Certainly, this inevitability is not absolute, and users have alternatives in the form of OS X and numerous versions of Linux. And not each user will consider expanded opportunities of use of the stylus so significant advantage.

Whether there will be Windows Ink a significant argument in favor of Surface Pro for artists and designers?

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