Discussion: documents for processing of visa to Norway in 2019

Published: 5.12.2017
documents for processing of visa to Norway in 2019

The collected documents for the visa to Norway is a starting point for those who plan to go in the state to have a rest, for business and with other purposes. The result in many respects depends on correctness of registration of a package of official papers: will authorize to you a trip or will refuse.

Therefore if you want to receive the Norwegian visa, be accurate and attentive during the collecting and paperwork. Especially carefully prepare the questionnaire which is a basis of all package.

In 2019 visa rules of Norway did not undergo changes. This Schengen state which is not entering the EU. Requirements to guests rather rigid therefore your package of documents has to convince visa employees that you go to the country with exclusively good purposes and do not intend to fill up its army of illegal immigrants at all.

It is important to remember that folder contents with papers depend on type of the made-out permission, tourists provide one, businessmen another. However there is the general set of documents which is relevant for all whom the visa to Norway interests.

We offer the list of documents which you are obliged to collect anyway, regardless of that, you go on a visit to future spouse or decided to be engaged in the country in work, to study or study the prospects of obtaining the residence permit in Norway.

So, in all cases it is necessary to provide:

It is possible to download the form of the questionnaire here, a model of filling & #8212; here.

International passport. If you have it prolonged and has term more than 10 years, it will not be accepted. In Consulate it is necessary to show the travel card of a new sample who is not appearing on term in the nearest future. There have to be at least 3 more months after presumable date of departure from Norway. Consider also that existence of blank pages for a prostanovka of visa stamps is required. If you have old international passports which appeared on term, they need also to be enclosed in the folder and to show in Consulate. They will increase your chances of obtaining the Norwegian visa. The picture in one copy conforming to requirements, the general for all Schengen area. Insurance. Was declared that this document is not obligatory. We recommend it to issue to avoid excess questions. The insurance has to cover expenses on health service of 30 000 EUR. It is important that it was relevant for all states of the Schengen agreement. Proofs of material solvency. The provided documents have to confirm that you have the sum of 50 EUR for every day of stay in Europe. As financial justification are accepted the extract from bank made so that it was visible that you did not open the account on the eve of the trip. The reference from work with the indication of a good salary will approach. Those who are not able to pay expenses independently have to provide the letter from the sponsor with application of copies of its documents and documents proving its financial viability. Consent to processing of personal data.

It is possible to download an example of the reference from work here.

Internal passport (copies). If you already made out the Schengen visa to other countries, then know that most the states demands to copy only homepages. In this case this rule does not work, it is necessary to make copies even of empty pages of the document. Return tickets or absolute reservation of tickets. Document on activity of the applicant. These are references from work, pension certificates, student ID cards or references from study. In the first case the reference at the same time shows that the person is tied to the place and also has funds for a trip as it has a stable income. It is important that the document from the place of employment was made on the form of firm and included detailed information on the applicant (an experience, income, etc.) and also the enterprise at which it works (the address, contacts).

The receipt that the consular fee was paid.

The main documents for receipt of a visa to Norway which everyone has to provide, with rare exception, are listed. Besides, the purpose of visit has to be confirmed.

For execution of visas it is necessary to add to the submitted list of papers what will indicate your purposes. For example, tourists need to enclose the proof that they took care of where they will spend the night (a hotel reservation) in a package.

If you go by the invitation, in it it has to be specified what invited will provide you a roof over the head. If is not present, besides, the reservation of room in hotel is necessary.

Car owners who do not want to leave car and will arrive to Norway on it, for visa processing have to enclose technical data sheet, the rights and Green card in a package. It is also necessary to write a travel route with the indication of the cities and hotels (to provide a reservation) in which stops will be made.

If you go on a visit, in a package there has to be an invitation from the family or friends. Concerning relatives the papers confirming relationship are attached.

The citizens invited by the enterprise also provide the invitation issued on the form of the enterprise with the instruction for whose account there will live in the country invited for obtaining the Norwegian entry visa.

For what purposes you would not be needs the Norwegian visa before going to Consulate, surely glance on the official site of Embassy of the country and study the last information, regarding visas to do not pass anything important and not to be refused as a result in the visa.

If registration of permission to a trip for the minor is required, provide:

For each applicant, the adult or the child the separate package of documents for granting in Consulate is packed.

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