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Published: 7.6.2019
dough on vodka

The skilled hostesses who are engaged in pastries have confidential ingredient. That pies and pies turned out amazingly tasty, they add a little vodka to dough.

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It is not difficult to make drunk dough for amazingly soft and gentle pies at all. First of all it concerns some yeast dough which loves alcohol more any other.

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There are recipes of the test for pies on different types of alcohol - alcohol, vodka, wine, cognac, rum and even beer. The fact that the minimum quantity of alcohol in the test - 1 teaspoon unites them, and maximum - 1 tablespoon on 1 kg of weight (in terms of alcohol).

Ingredients for a support

Ingredients for the test


If after preparation of the test for pies you still had vodka, try to draw it on a lemon dried peel. Fragrant home-made limoncello, without preservatives and emulsifiers, will supply you with vitamins and will allow to feel taste of the real Italy.

"So Simply!" will tell you how to make fast yeast dough on milk. Time for its preparation needs only 15 minutes, it can be frozen and to store long. Especially well will suit this recipe the beginning culinary specialists and to those who have no time for cooking.

You for certain know that it is useful to drink red wine, and champagne stupefies after the second glass. But with hard liquors the situation is more difficult. We prepared the rating of alcohol on harm degree, and, frankly speaking, shocked by what appeared on the first place!


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