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Published: 17.4.2018
the world map in Russian: where there is an island New Zealand a season of 2019

New Zealand is incredibly beautiful and picturesque country with the unique primitive nature offering to travelers the most interesting rest on the open spaces.

All its magnificence is an overthrown falls and geysers which are soaring up up, volcanic beaches and durable glaciers and also lakes stretched on numerous big and small islands.

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Mysterious and unique New Zealand is considerably removed from other countries, but from it is not less attractive to travelers.

Being isolated from the rest of the world, New Zealand is surrounded with the Tasmanovy sea and the Pacific Ocean from all directions. Most closer Australia - 1700 kilometers which is on other side of the Tasman Sea and also the island of Caledonia and Fiji is disposed to it.

As a part of New Zealand there is near the 700th island most of which part is uninhabited. Two large islands - Northern and Southern are most inhabited, each of which differs in a unique relief.

The most part of the territory of the country are mountains and hills of volcanic origin, but on their Northern island it is a little less. But in its center the Volcanic plateau from where drench with heat active volcanoes was stretched, geysers soar up into the sky and mineral sources fight.

Quite often here the seismic activity is observed. It is connected with the fact that New Zealand is located within the Pacific fiery ring.

Between various heights the deep and wide rivers were stretched, many the most beautiful lakes of volcanic origin which tourists so like to visit are hidden.

You watch video about arrangement of New Zealand on the globe:

In this country the subtropical sea climate is observed. Here does not happen too hot or too cold. The summer in this country begins in January and lasts until the end of February, pleasing with temperature of +20-30 degrees. What there will be to the south a travel, that weather will be warmer.

The most cool July - month when daytime temperature falls up to +8-10 ∞C, in mountains - +3-6 ∞C is considered.

Even such weather does not prevent the travelers coming here from September to April to receive quite good suntan.

A travel to New Zealand - a difficult task as the country located on boondocks of the globe is available only to travelers by plane to Auckland - one of several large cities.

Only 20 airlines bring passengers to islands from which It is necessary to distinguish Cathay Pacific, China Airlines, Emirates, Singapore Airlines, Thai Airways.

All of them deliver with change in Singapore, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur or Tokyo.

Use this form of search to find the air ticket at the attractive price. Enter information on the cities of a departure and arrival, date, the number of passengers.

To avoid troubles at the airport, read what is possible and that cannot be taken on the plane here.

Being the most environmentally friendly place, New Zealand attracts not only fans of exotic tours, but also those who dream to visit on the edge of the earth - where shot the famous trilogy "Lord of the Rings".

Throughout long centuries the territory of islands was inhabited by Polynesian tribes of Maori and a moriora, exactly until there arrived Abel Tasman's expedition in 1642.

Europeans occupied the island not at once - they needed about 100 years, but all these actions happened not without bloodshed. Only by the beginning of the 20th century, thanks to the prime minister Seddon and the politician Maori James Carroll, it was succeeded to minimize quantity of contradictions.

Most often travel on a long distance do not do without international passport. Read article about how to issue the international passport of a new sample on the Internet.

As a result of colonization and development of the western democratic trends, the country received the status of the Kingdom of New Zealand which governors are monarchs of Great Britain to this day.

However the governor general who is appointed to 5 years has the real power - he monitors work of parliament and also acts according to initiatives of the prime minister and, of course, queens.

To appear in the territory of this country with the tourist purpose and also for the purpose of visit of relatives or friends, residents of the Russian Federation need the entry visa.

New Zealand is the first country which announced itself a denuclearized zone. In the territory of this country any tourist can feel safe as the population very benevolent, and crime rate incredibly low.

Those travelers who are going to investigate the nature of New Zealand should not worry about venomous snakes or dangerous animals - they are not here at all.

Monetary unit of New Zealand - New Zealand dollar (1 dollar - 100 cents). It is possible to exchange currency in exchangers, banks and the airports. Banks, as a rule, work till 16:30, and exchangers & #8212; till 20:00-21:00 o'clock.

Over the country between the large cities long-distance buses - expensive pleasure unlike flights of the small local companies ply. Tourists have an opportunity to move by buses, trolleybuses, tickets for which can be acquired in booths.

In New Zealand mobile operators Vodofon act and the Telecom - because of a mountain landscape it works not everywhere. In addition, there are a lot of payphones which are paid with cards from newsstands.

Residents of other countries have potential to get the real estate of New Zealand in private use, but it does not grant them the right for full-time residence for its territories. Expenses on purchase make about 4-6% of cost.

In New Zealand the livestock production and agricultural business and also workmanship is very developed.

The foreigners having the entry visa to this country also have an opportunity to do the business.

Planning a travel to New Zealand, it is possible to learn several phrases in language of Maori - it will allow locals to be even more friendly with tourists. It will not be difficult to remember such phrases as: Kia ora - Hi! or Ka kite ano - See you!

Being the capital, but not the largest city of New Zealand, Wellington welcomes the tourists who decided to visit this wonderful country.

Much more popularly than Wellington - Auckland - the city in which the main airport of this state and its main port, and the population three times bigger, than in the capital is located.

Statistically Auckland is included into ten the best places for life. The uniqueness of this beautifull place also consists that all it is built up only with one-storey houses.

Other large tourist cities of New Zealand:

Each of these cities not only is incredibly beautiful and exotic, but also is the place from where the most part of tourists starts to explore volcanic mountains Ngarukhoe and Tongariro, fjords of Kvinstown and the lake Uanaka, numerous national parks and reservations - all that magnificent nature of New Zealand which managed to be kept in original state.

The research of New Zealand should be begun with Auckland - the cities in which the most part of sights is collected.

Here the highest building in the southern hemisphere - Sky Tower television tower is located. Its height is 328 meters, and at top there is an observation deck.

Admirers of the underwater world can glance in Kelly Tarlton's Aquarium in Auckland located near the ocean coast. In this wonderful place carried out a unique idea which was adopted later by many other oceanariums - glass tunnels with sea inhabitants and slowly moving conveyer belt for visitors.

However, going to New Zealand, it is necessary to understand that the most part of sign places are natural sights:

At last, having appeared in New Zealand, to himself it is not necessary to refuse in pleasure to visit magnificent national parks - Fyerdlend, Paparoa, Mount Cook, Egmont, Kaurangi and Westland.

All sights of the country, it is possible to see, having attended excursions. Travel agencies promise to show New Zealand and all its magnificence in short terms.

On Earth the multimillion quantity of memorable objects is collected, and about the most known read in our article.

Strangely enough, but on islands of New Zealand traditional cuisine is not fish, and meat and the fried potato, beefsteaks and roast beefs - the dishes reminding Anglo-Saxon cuisine. Despite direct arrangement near the sea and the ocean, it is seldom possible to find seafood dishes here.

The most popular and national that any traveler can try is a fried or baked potatoes with various products prepared on naked flame.

The hotel base of New Zealand is very various. Vacationers can choose, on traditions, a lodging for the night in hotels 3-5 * or stop in "loggia" - the small lodges close to water. Great vacation spots are available both in the large cities, and in small settlements.

The form of fast search will help to choose suitable option for a lodging for the night to you. Enter the city, dates of arrival and departure and the number of guests.

Residents of New Zealand, unanimously, fans of extreme entertainments whom, first of all, the roupdzhamping concerns. In any high place, such as, for example, tower of Sky Tower or Oklendsky Bridge, there is an opportunity to make a jump with a rope headfirst.

The diving in this country is available all the year round - on the Northern island there are many awesome places in which fine visibility remains.

Other popular entertainments of New Zealand:

By tradition, souvenirs which travelers take away from this state - the copy of a requisite from the movie "Lord of the Rings", models of folk art of indigenous people, a figure of a bird of a kiwi, medical cosmetics from unique plants of New Zealand.

This fine corner of the world is ready to offer travelers an unforgettable adventure on picturesque open spaces among the unique nature.

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