From our users: important books in Mikhail Ivanov's life

Published: 9.12.2018
important books in Mikhail Ivanov's life

Today our traditional three questions will be answered by Mikhail Ivanov, the person who as obliges read more useful books, than most of heroes of a heading.

1. What book changed your life or strongly influenced her?

"Guide to marketing of professional services" of David Maister. It is possible to tell that our publishing house began with this remarkable book. We with Mikhail Ferber translated and published it and 5 more books together with Alpina publishing house. Then understood that we can not only choose and translate good books, but also make the publishing house.

2. What skill you consider for yourself the most useful and how learned it?

Working capacity. When I see and I understand the purpose, I work hard very much.

I learned this skill at the parents.

In sport, as well as in competitive business, the one who trains more comes the first. There is no secret any.

Ability to find the correct people. I always hold eyes widely open and I notice talented people around to attract them in our team.3. What inspires you on business feats and business fulfillments?

Two types of people. Those who it is significant stronger me. I want to be the same. And those who it is significant more weakly me. I do not want to become such. And, as spoke to Zoki, bad very easily it turns out.

In an amateur thriathlon I know almost all the rivals and I reach for them. When at trainings happens hard, I remember that these children ahead of me.

And then it becomes easier to suffer.

In business everything is slightly less obvious.


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