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Published: 11.7.2018
the guest visa to Poland to Ukrainians, Belarusians and Russians: how to issue and receive in 2019

The guest visa to Poland is made out in increasing frequency recently. Historically it developed that the considerable number of relatives of Ukrainians and Russians lives abroad. Also execution of the private visa is relevant for young people.

Social networks and various applications for communication help to find friends from different corners of the planet. Quite often there is desire to meet in reality. Entrance on the Polish territory for visit of family members or friends is possible by the special invitation from them.

The guest visa is issued only in the presence of the invitation from the Polish side. If there is no similar document, then other type of permission is made out. The legal entity or the person living legally in Poland not less than 5 years can act as inviting party.

The list of documents is quite typical for execution of the entry visa to other countries. It includes:

Policy of medical insurance; The Extract from bank of inviting party or invited depending on the one who undertakes financial obligations; The Invitation and the document confirming relationship; 2-3 color photos of high quality; Consent to processing of personal data.

Tickets in both parties, the certificate of existence of the real estate in the native land or any other document which will indirectly confirm intention to return will be separate plus.

If the inviting party is not a citizen of Poland, and lives in the territory of the country on the basis of the residence permit or a permanent residence, then it is required to apply their photocopy to the package of documents.

At execution of the guest visa in interviewing in embassy there is no need. Invitations to it receive to the discretion of public servants in an individual order.

As an analog of the guest visa to entry into Poland by the invitation tourist Schengen can act. However private gives several advantages to its owner:

The guest visa grants the right for visit of the European Union countries provided that Poland will be the first state along the line.

The procedure of processing of visa to Poland for minors differs from standard a little. It is necessary to submit the birth certificate of the child and the international passport. At a trip without parents or only with one of them, the written consent of the lawful trustee that he does not object to departure of his child from the native land is required.

If parents possess the Polish visa, the consulate has the right to request its photocopy for confirmation.

The Polish legislation established a form sample for drawing up the invitation. The document without fail has to contain the following information in Polish:

Passport data of visitor and also place of its work; Purpose of visit; Stay Term in Poland.

If the invitation is made by firm, then in the document it is necessary to describe the nature of relationship. The financial guarantee on expenses of the foreigner is specified in addition.

On receipt of a visa only the original document which is sent by surface mail the registered mail or the delivery service is taken cognizance.

The photocopy of the international passport inviting and confirmation of its financial solvency is in addition applied to it (an extract from bank, the certificate of income, etc.).

Invitations reckon with corrections or blots as invalid. Before sending they are registered in Voyevodsky management or at the notary.

Today there is a considerable number of the companies which are ready to provide the invitation for a fictitious guest visit.

In case of disclosure of deception by the authorities, the foreigner is threatened by considerable penalties up to deportation.

The package of documents on the guest visa usually is considered within 1 working day. At a large number of applicants the procedure can take up to 7 calendar days. In case of need detailed studying of information it drags on up to 30 days. Therefore when planning a trip to Poland you should not delay receipt of a visa.

For Ukrainians and Russians because of the simplified mode of entry into Poland the consular fee makes 35 euros, for citizens of other countries - 60 euros. At registration through the visa centers duty of about 18-27 euros is in addition paid. The state instances have the right to change the amount of collecting.

Execution of the private visa to children up to 6 years is carried out free of charge, and aged from 6 up to 12 years costs 35 euros. Minor travelers of Ukraine and Russia are exempted from payment of a consular fee.

The Polish visa is issued free of charge at visit of relatives with serious diseases or their funeral. The applicant has to add to the main package of documents the certificate on death, an extract about diseases or other reference for confirmation.

At the negative decision in execution of the guest visa of means do not return. If to make out the visa through travel agency, then its cost can reach 100 euros.

At visit of Poland by the invitation within two days after arrival it is necessary to undergo registration procedure in a passport office accompanied by the local relative or the friend.

For execution of the document it is required to pay small duty of 5-10 zloties. It needs to be had always near at hand on a case of an unforeseen situation.

To receive the guest visa to Poland if there is an invitation, quite simply. At competent paperwork to doubt the positive decision of embassy there are no reasons.

Whether can send the invitation to Poland the person living there by the temporary residence permit, and by what rules? Thanks!

Good afternoon, Ekaterina! Yes, the person living in Poland in the temporary residence permit can send you the invitation. Rules and the package of documents differ in this case only in the fact that you will need to provide in the visa center in addition the copy of a card (residence permit).

Could you explain a situation with the invitation from the friend? Whether there can be it the usual letter printed on the printer with the application of the certificate of income and the available living space? Write in some sources that a certain official form from & #171 is necessary; ¬оеводства» which becomes up to 30 days. Whether correctly understood that the letter has to be made in English with the indication of the passport data inviting and invited + the statement for responsibility for expenses?

No, it cannot be the non-registered printing letter written at home. It has to be officially certified document completed in a certain form (your friends can receive the questionnaire and fill it in migration service in Poland). They have to confirm that they will provide you housing & #8212; from friends it is necessary: the passport or plasticity of Poland, an extract from the state register if they have the apartment, or the contract on rent if apartment is rented (in this case permission from the employer is also necessary), from you & #8212; passport number. Also, your friends have to provide the sponsor's letter and the reference from work of income, at least for the last six months.

Hello. I want узнать… whether it is possible instead of the invitation to go to my friend to Poland by the tourist Schengen visa? For the first time I want to go the abroad.

Yes it is possible. It is simpler to make a usual tourist visa.

Thanks for article! Whether tell me please, it is possible when giving on the visa to request bigger term, than is on the invitation? And whether it is possible by the invitation to go further to the countries of Schengen?


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