How to wear shoes with an open nose on a heel and on a platform sole, life hack

Published: 29.8.2018
 how to wear shoes with an open nose on a heel and on a platform sole

Evelina Hromchenko, the guru of fashion, is sure that footwear tells about the woman much more, than she can imagine. That female legs looked is delightful, it is important to select models of shoes and sandals correctly.

From fashionable displays shoes with an open nose do not disappear. Stylists are sure that this footwear is smart, it does an image of the woman graceful and distinguished. Some models cannot be carried to one season, for example, shoe boots with an open nose. They can be carried as spring, in the fall, and in the summer.

An open nose - it is elegant and womanly. Such footwear "will recover" the most imperceptible dress. Open shoes will be suitable for a business meeting, a friendly party or a noisy banquet.

It is considered a highlight of any footwear.

But once the truth looks in eyes: he can be both charming, and frankly awful.

Attentively look at the footwear in a profile. It is unlikely you will find two identical heels.

The convenience and beauty of footwear depend on several factors: depths of "decollete", its form, width. The cut can be soft or rigid. An important role is played by dredging between rise and a heel.

Therefore, choosing footwear on a heel, surely try on it.

You resemble, to a postoyta - be convinced that it is convenient to you. Any woman can master this science.

To look stylish, it is necessary to know how it is correct to combine shoes with an open nose and dimensionless tights. Stylists disagree: some consider this duet acceptable, others - categorically against.

To wear tights with such footwear or not - to solve to you. Consider all details of the image not to break harmony. Choose tights of corporal color.

On fashionable displays of the girl defiled in bright and bright models with an open nose. In this season flower prints and footwear with a decor are popular.

But you remember that your fingers have to look ideally. Give to legs style by means of an original pedicure.

Pick up models on a platform sole for everyday life, fill up the female arsenal with elegant court shoes on a hairpin.

Classics is still popular: black shoes on a spike heel with an open nose. You will look safely and defiantly, having complemented a dress with model with open fingers and a high top.

To look always fashionable, you have to not just buy shoes on a thick or thin heel, but also it is correct to combine footwear with other objects of your clothes.

That it was easier to understand fashionable questions, think over the images and give answers to such questions:

Before putting on shoes on a platform sole or on a heel with an open nose for work, be convinced that the dress code it allows. It is possible to combine them with blouses, undershirts, shirts, tops and t-shirts.

Especially stylish the dress when the undershirt is picked up in tone to footwear, and a jacket - to a skirt looks.

You will look more officially if you put on light top and dark elegant shoes. In this case it is better to stop the choice on monophonic models.

Dresses and skirts of brighter colors are perfectly combined with the shoes having a motley color, a flower or animal print. Comfortable footwear is irreplaceable at work, she does not distract the woman from the current tasks.

The fine daily option is black shoes with an open nose and a skirt pencil.

The relaxed atmosphere disposes to experiments therefore you can safely choose any model of shoes with an open nose, on a heel or without.

Create gentle womanly or stylish contrast images. It is possible to draw attention of men with the fitting trousers, short skirts, a decollete and high heel.

Dresses - a great option for rest. You will be irresistible and brilliant if you put on a dress of color of a lemon in combination with green shoes. Be not afraid to carry courageous ensembles.

Do not limit yourself in the choice of accessories. They give charm to any dress, the main thing - not to forget about sense of proportion. Try that the handbag was in tone to a hat, and the bracelet was combined with a beads. Kerchiefs, scarves and stylish glasses "will warm" your image.

Knowing how to wear models of shoes with an open nose and it is correct to combine them with clothes, you will always be "on the ball".


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