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Published: 17.5.2019
Jewish cuisine

The Jewish cuisine - one of the most unusual kitchens of the world, she is full of the bans and symbols. The Jewish dishes not only are tasty, scrupulously prepared, but are in some way instructive. For representatives of this nationality food - it is much bigger, than just a way to be sated. Thanks to the settled traditions and rules these people disseminated worldwide for many years keep the integrity.

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Echoes of these traditions sound in everyday tenor of life, recipes of dishes, holidays and prayers. The editorial office "So Simply!" decided to go deep into this question and to tell you some features of the Jewish cuisine, the relation to food and life. Believe, let our traditions also differ, but at them is to what to learn.

Jews think of the traditions very much, and their food is an integral part of all holidays and ceremonies. Each Jewish holiday takes place according to the special scenario, it has rules and the bans and also the special menu. Dishes on a table can tell about what today day of the week, a holiday or season.

Pancakes and oil donuts will indicate a winter holiday the Hanukkah, and sweet triangular poppy or jam pies - a strong indication of the light holiday Purim marking the beginning of spring. And so in each Jewish Home, it is unimportant in Canada or Israel.

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It is possible to think that everything comes down to a variety and profuseness of a meal, but it not so. Most important from what products and for what case it is prepared. According to the Torah food is the first step of process of upclassing of the person. It is not just a way to be sated or enjoy. Food is first of all spiritual power.

Acceptance to food in the Jewish tradition is a special ritual: it is necessary to accept it correctly, without forgetting to thank for it God. Even process of preparation is equated to a solemn rite. Each hostess knows all ancient precepts of cooking and all small sacraments which need to be made in process.

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Still the Jewish hostesses consider that food has to be nutritious and correct. In the correct food force and health of a body and brain in particular are concluded. It is considered that in the correct food the secret of longevity and good health consists. And at Jews kosher food, that is prepared according to rules of Kashrut is considered correct.

It is the whole set of rules and features about which it is possible to write separate article. For example, it is forbidden to mix milk and meat food, the break between their receptions has to make not less than 6 hours. It is also forbidden to eat meat of the animals who are not ruminating and not having the doubled hoof. But even such meat can become kosher after removal of all blood and special cutting.

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Less strict rules at preparation of fish: only that fish who has no fins and scales is considered not kosher. It is tabooed also on mollusks and all products made from them. Fruit, vegetables, nuts and grain crops are resolved without restrictions. These are only the basic rules, actually them it is much bigger.

The Jewish cuisine various and authentic, in its basis - grain crops dishes, and the diet mainly consists of fruits, bean and cereals. On holidays on tables there is fish, farinaceous and vegetable dishes. Meat is used moderately. For the long period of time the Jewish cuisine underwent a set of serious changes.

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All the matter is that because of tragic events, the Jewish people were forcedly settled over the different countries. There Jews faced unusual food and culinary traditions. But the kitchen did not lose the features, and got new, having absorbed in itself specifics and color of other countries.

For example, favourite the Jewish hostesses meat soup goulash initially was the Hungarian dish, the recipe of a strudel came from Austria, and the well-known Jewish falafel in general removed from kitchen of the countries of the Middle East. And such popular Jewish snack as hummus, actually initially was Arab. Jews just managed to advertize it well.

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The ancient Jewish saying says: "Food without spices does not bring benefit, on joy". The Jewish hostesses season practically all the dishes, using various spices: carnation, nutmeg, fennel and anise. The main condition - their contents has to be moderate not to kill taste of food.

All used spices very well influence digestion and improve appetite. By the way, the Jewish hostesses prefer to bake, cook or stew food, but not to fry. So it is possible to tell that dishes of this kitchen not only are nutritious, but also are useful to health. So each hostess should note recipes of traditional Jewish dishes.

At Jews is to what to learn not only in economic, but also family affairs. Earlier we wrote about how the Jewish mothers raise the children. It is a pity that not all rules at us got accustomed.

If started talking about features of the Jewish traditions, it is necessary to mention Yiddish. We prepared material about phrases which often we hear, but we do not even suspect about their true value. And all of them went from Yiddish!

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