Interesting: how to put on as the Scandinavian woman of fashion

Published: 7.11.2017
 how to put on as the Scandinavian woman of fashion

Within the last two years Scandinavia in its different manifestations came out of the shadow and jumped in a mainstream. Nordic trends concern a way of life, the choice of the place for a travel, well and fashion, certainly. Modern stritstayl-photographers aspire to Copenhagen and Stockholm because exactly there today the highest concentration of not hackneyed and original style. It is represented as something incredibly esthetic, created without efforts. And any even the most superfashionable thing does not look on these girls krichashche or vulgarly. Perhaps, thanking not only to talent to carry things as dictates own heart, and because of a habit to be painted and look most natural not strongly. Why not to gather for itself several feshn-precepts from female residents of these cities? After all not Paris uniform the fashion is alive!

And you thought differently? Of course, and we too. Because around the Scandinavian fashion the set of stereotypes about black from legs to the head or neutral beige already managed to develop. But actually at an arsenal of girls of this region there are both bright shades, and improbable faux fur, and slogans (but not logos), and even sequins. But there is one "but": inhabitants of Northern Europe though take the current trends into account, interpret them always in own way. And easily mix something extraordinary with favourite Adidas gym shoes and invariable linen bags.

Sneakers - favourite footwear of scandium (scandi - the informal reduced word from scandinavian adjective). And not only latest models, but also the legendary "long-livers" who are externally not hiding the fact that they literally passed through a lot of things together with the hostess are welcomed. Besides sneakers, various myul, carpet slippers, slipona and boots in the spirit of Vagabond enjoy invariable popularity.

You are surprised, but in these cities various sports trends and unusual combinations got accustomed. So it is quite real to meet the girl in silk trousers with a hint on sports pants, a Champion and "pilots" sweatshirt. And even if this look will be accompanied by shoes on heels, you will not catch for anything any feeling of nasty taste. Scandium will make it thinly and gracefully.

So it developed that these women of fashion more than others love shirts, especially with exaggeratedly long sleeves. In general, everything that several sizes more and looks not absolutely accurately in the standard understanding, at them in honor. Such creative laxity and negligence.

Probably, nobody has no more ability so easy to layer things at each other. And if Englishwomen the Scandinavian women of fashion exactly the opposite do it visually intentionally, then. Wonderfully they manage at the same time to keep an image not overloaded and very clear. So pleasant viewing and successful repetition!

Some hogwash. Stuck a photo of models, and really real nobody saw scandium

And me it was pleasant! Cheerfully, unusually. And that on the street all similar at each other, as from the conveyor. I learn plcht of Dutchwomen here, subjects it is violet that is convenient and came hand and if it is unusual and put on. And at us trends trndit everything yes stereotypes govern brains.

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