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Published: 29.3.2018

And the third year in a row, according to the rating of The Worldwide Cost of Living (Life cost in the world) from Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), the most expensive city of the world & #8212; it is Singapore. The second place on high cost of life with identical point was taken by Hong Kong and the Swiss Zurich. The cities from 133rd presented in a research where most cheaper to live: Mumbai (India), Bangalore (India), Lusaka (capital of Zambia). In the detailed sketch about the first trip to Singapore I already mentioned casually how cruelly and successfully Singapore authorities deal with the problem of traffic jams relevant for one and all Asian megalopolises. In Singapore there are no traffic jams as, however, and a large number of cars on roads. The reason is that to the citizen of the island state, the person interested to get own car, before its purchase it is necessary to attend to acquisition of permission to possession of a car or Certificate of Entitlement (COE). According to the Singapore acquaintance, COE on the minicar costs about 40 thousand Singapore dollars. Each 10 years permission need to be prolonged. Permission to possession of the car with an engine displacement more, respectively, will be more expensive. We do not forget that it only for Certificate of Entitlement & #8212; permission to possession of the car. The car should be bought still, and high duties on import of the cars made abroad practice practically all countries of Southeast Asia. But the subway in Singapore excellent: by high-speed train it is possible to reach any point of the island state. To the ordinary Singaporean the subway is easier to use, than to overpay for an opportunity to be a car owner. It is amusing that 5-10 years ago at the first lines of rating of the most expensive cities of the world surely there were Japanese megalopolises. Now Tokyo & #8212; the most expensive city of Japan, & #8212; took only the 11th place, and Osaka & #8212; the 14th. The reason is simple: the Japanese yen becomes cheaper several years in a row. The weak yen is good for the Japanese producers and the Japanese economy suffering from deflation and stagnation. For the tourist dreaming to visit the Land of the rising sun, weak yen & #8212; it is a favorable factor too. Recently Japan was very expensive country for travel. So, the author of this blog, traveling around the South of France in September of the past, the 2015th year, met in the downtown Avignon of the region Provence & #8212; Alps & #8212; French Riviera (known to compatriots under shorter name: Provence) the charming Japanese tourist by the name of Sachiko (an accent on the first syllable). Being not indifferent to beautiful young Asians, the author successfully inclined Sachiko to very interesting joint pastime. At a visit to cafe, local shop or snack bar of fast food the Japanese constantly was surprised why there everything costs so much. On a natural question & #171; You from Japan, and there the prices higher? & #187; Sachiko explained that the Japanese prices in terms of euro at a current rate there are less French prices everywhere, except Tokyo. According to the Japanese, Osaka in general the city budgetary. It is worth giving, of course, a discount that Provence & #8212; it is one of the most expensive regions of France. Here are located: Nice, Cannes, Marseille, Avignon with its medieval fortress, the town of Aix-en-Provence. Here corrupt officials and blood-suckers of all colors from the dictatorial countries of Latin America, the former Soviet Union and underdeveloped parts of Asia and Africa to the south of the Sahara like to come to spend a quiet, comfortable old age. But I will mean Japan. The good travel begins with a dream, and technical and financial problems at due motivation and a small amount of the fart are solved. The full rating of the cities is published here (in English).


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