Is updated: remember 20 signs that served you incorrectly made coffee

Published: 13.12.2018
remember 20 signs that served you incorrectly made coffee

The taste of any coffee depends on a set of factors: from a grade of beans, a way of their processing and degree of roast, the recipe of preparation of drink and even mood the barista. All this behind the scenes is not shown us: the ordinary consumer can order and hope for good coincidence of all conditions only. But if something went wrong, it can be seen easily by result which you received in a coffee cup.

1. Cappuccino

It will be a question of signs of "a wet cappuccino". It is a way of preparation of drink which is considered the most modern and is used in the majority of institutions.

Foam has to be the consistence close to the thawed ice cream which is shaken up in the blender. It should not be vesicular, full of holes and porous. An ideal - silky, soft, glossy, elastic, consisting of one million microscopic bubbles. By the way, by rules it is not eaten by a spoon, and drunk together with drink.2. Espresso

good espresso does not want to be washed down.

3. Latte

The correct volume - 200-360 ml. But, for example, lattes traditionally give to the USA in cups 400-600 ml. Foam has to be not such dense as in a cappuccino, and about 4-6 mm high, it is no more. At the same time it has to have the same uniform consistence, without air large bubbles. You should not take drink with citrus syrups: from them milk.4 quickly turns sour. Americana

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