Japan facilitates a visa regime for citizens of the countries of Hugo, it is curious

Published: 27.3.2019
Japan facilitates a visa regime for citizens of the countries of Hugo

The Japanese government tries to make Japan more friendly in relation to citizens of the countries of Southeast Asia. And business here not in kindness and the Japanese hospitality. The tourists from Southeast Asia coming to the Land of the rising sun, spending the money, can well stimulate got stuck for decades in the stagnation complicated by deflation, economy of Japan.

Since summer of the 2013th year the visa is not required to tourists from Thailand and Malaysia for entry into Japan. For Thais the Japanese visa will not be required at stay in Japan no more than 15 days, for Malayans this visa-free term was made more & #8212; three months. Multi-visas will be available to citizens of Philippines and Vietnam to receiving. To Indonesians the term of visas with a possibility of repeated entrance on the territory of Japan was limited for 15 days.

On average, according to Travel Agency of Japan, tourists from Thailand and Malaysia spend 130 thousand yens (41350 Thai baht) during the stay in the country. It is 80% more than the sum which is spent by the average South Korean tourist in Japan. Tourists from South Korea & #8212; the most numerous group of tourists in the country. On average, tourists from Thailand and Malaysia spend 2 weeks in Japan.

For example, in network of Takashimaya department stores the Thai buyers of steel second in size group of foreign clients after Chinese. The weak yen became a reason for many representatives of the middle class of the countries of Southeast Asia to go to see Japan. Last year Japan was visited by 780 thousand tourists from Southeast Asia. This year the Japanese authorities expect to attract more than 10 million tourists from around the world, from them one million from the countries of Southeast Asia. In the 2012th Japan was visited by 8,37 million foreigners. Cancellation of entry visas or radical simplification of receiving the last & #8212; it is a logical step from the Japanese authorities.

In this plan, Japan should catch up with South Korea which for last year was visited by 1,3 million citizens of the countries of ASEAN. At the moment Japan without visas there can come citizens of 64 states while to South Korea & #8212; 110. Despite considerable rates of increase in tourist flow to Japan, this country takes only the 30th place by the number of the tourists who visited the Japanese earth and the 19th place on tourism revenues.

Most likely, beyond Japan will decide to facilitate a visa regime with the ASEAN countries China and Taiwan. The People's Republic of China intends to offer the Thai citizens either issue of repeated Chinese visas, or increase in visa-free stay in China three times & #8212; up to 90 days.

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