Life hack: how to buy new iphone 10 000 cheaper

Published: 23.7.2018
 how to buy new iPhone 10 000 cheaper

The Apple smartphones cost much, and become cheaper slowly. And we will take and we will buy iPhone with a decent discount! How? Now I will tell.

You look: here how many relevant leader of Apple & #8212; iPhone X, the basic version on 64 GB & #8212; costs in popular shop DNS:

And here the price of the same iPhone X in the German shop Computeruniverse:

Delivery costs about 3 000 more rubles. As a result net savings & #8212; 7 000. Not bad, isn't that so?

The popular online store from Germany, trades in consumer electronics.

Now only the facts:

No, especially for numerous clients from Russia Computeruniverse translated the website into Russian. The translation by places not ideal, but it will definitely not lead to problems with the order.

Purchase of goods from Germany practically differs in nothing from purchase in domestic online store. You in the same way create the account, specify the address (unless instead of Cyrillics there will be Latin), put goods in a basket, pay it and wait when the parcel comes to mail.

Customs? Until the end of 2018 a duty-free limit on import of goods to Russia & #8212; 1 000 euros, and iPhone X in Computeruniverse right now when I write this article, cost 890 euros (it is possible to check the relevant price here).

If you want to buy the version & #171; дес¤тки» from 256 GB of the built-in memory & #8212; it costs 1 032 euros, and everything that you should make & #8212; to pay it to customs of 30% of the sum of excess of our limit, i.e. it is slightly more than 10 euros & #171; сверху».

At problems with delivery (theft, damage of goods, does not pass customs, etc.), Computeruniverse automatically assumes overall responsibility for an incident. The shop will quickly understand a situation and if necessary either will replace goods, or will return money & #8212; all departures in the Russian Federation are insured at the German insurers so problems with payments will not arise. Germans are Germans :). By the way, the same Russian Post, at best would compensate you only a part of the lost property.

Yes & #8212; and more than powerful!

Right for 2 weeks return of goods without explanation.

Try to buy iPhone X in Russia and to hand over it back if it was not pleasant to you or did not approach. Our sellers will at once tell that you got & #171; technically difficult товар» which under the law is not subject to return. It is possible to shout and swear long & #8212; but for 99,9% you will leave salon with anything, and for the same 99,9% will be able to get rid of X only with the help & #171; јвито» having decently lost at the same time in money.

Buyers of Computeruniverse are protected from an arbitrariness of our sellers. It was not pleasant & #8212; just you send goods back to Germany and within two weeks you receive the spent money plus 40 euros for compensation of a postage back. Smartphone, not the smartphone & #8212; what difference, rules are identical to all.

Bonus program

For purchases in Computeruniverse bonuses are charged. If you actively order the equipment from Germans, over time quite really to receive very decent discounts like 100 euros for goods.


Special offers of Computeruniverse & #8212; it is a separate subject for a conversation. Actions at Germans & #171; честные» & #8212; i.e. reduce the prices of quite worthy gadgets, and reduce the business very well.

For example, the special event was timed to the FIFA World Cup. There sold Samsung Galaxy S8 at 30 thousand rubles (in Russia & #8212; 47 thousand). Still there was a 7-meter wall projector of Epson for 32 thousand rubles (in Russia & #8212; 45 thousand), it was bought by your obedient servant:

Marked-down goods

On the website there is a special section Outlet. There offer the returned things, the repaired gadgets and the commodity remains. On discount smartphones usually small & #8212; there are no from 3 to 7 percent so big sense to contact it. But on other types of goods & #8212; for example, laptops & #8212; discounts reach 20%:

First of all & #8212; accessories for the personal computer (section Hardware) and laptops. In already mentioned official CU group of VKontakte buyers often discuss assemblies & #171; железа» with other users:

Still it is possible to look narrowly at game consoles & #8212; Sony PlayStation 4, Microsoft Xbox and so on. For example, the same & #171; сонька» costs on KYu from 17 thousand rubles, and in the same DNS & #8212; from 24 000 rubles.

In what we pay?

First of all we will decide on a payment method. The best option here & #8212; MasterCard World Corn card. Why? It converts rubles into euro at the most favorable rate & #8212; Central Bank of the Russian Federation.

For example, today euro exchange rate on the Central Bank of the Russian Federation & #8212; 73,2 rubles, and, for example, at bank & #171; “инькофф» & #8212; 74,5 rubles. Increase by 890 euros (the price of 64-gigabyte iPhone X in gray color) and receive respectively 65 148 and 66 305 rubles. Here and so & #8212; out of the blue the difference is more than 1 000 rubles.

We order

1. We pass to the iPhone X.2 Computeruniverse-page. We press the Put in a Basket.3 button. In a new window we choose To a basket.4. On the following page & #8212; To Pass for payment. 5. Fill a form with Latin, as shown in an example. If you need the help with the translation from Cyrillics into Latin & #8212; look here. 6. If you want to order on Computeruniverse and further (and I assure you & #8212; want ) & #8212; think up and two times type the password in the respective fields.

Convenient option & #8212; if you for a long time leave in the nearest future, it is possible to make the ban of delivery to this time:

7. We finish registration and we specify data of the credit card:

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