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Published: 19.4.2019
rvp for Ukrainians: necessary documents and as to receive it in 2019

The Russian Federation always sought to support mutual friendly contacts with Ukraine by means of various intergovernmental arrangements, especially such which significantly simplify an order of finding of Ukrainians in Russia, and receiving by them RVP and the residence permit. Especially it became relevant in 2014 and 2015 when sad incidents forced many citizens of Ukraine to address to offices of FMS of the Russian Federation.

Permission to temporary residence (RVP) - documentary justification of the right of the foreigner and the persons deprived of nationality to live legally in the Russian Federation a certain term before granting more strong legislative bases to them, for example, obtaining the residence permit (RP) by them. It can be issued the separate document for the persons deprived of nationality, but most often RVP is a stamp mark in the passport of the foreigner.

It is possible to download the application for RVP here, a model of filling & #8212; here.

Similar permission is given on the basis of the quotas which are separately provided to each region (or without them if for this purpose there are legal grounds). The size of each such quota for 2019 can be learned, having used services of the website of FMS. It should be noted that similar permissions are given for the term which is not exceeding three years, and they are not subject to extension.

You can apply for similar permission in office of FMS. However it is necessary to consider one important nuance: it is necessary to address to FMS of that city where you plan to remain subsequently. You will be forbidden to work in any other city.

For registration of RVP you need the following documentation:

All provided list of documentation carefully is studied by representatives of FMS. Moreover, there is a probability that the service at discretion will decide to check the validity as documentation submitted you, and data which are contained in it. Till two months the decision on the satisfaction of the application is made, or refuse to you delivery of permission to temporary residence.

In a situation when the inquiry was satisfied, the Ukrainian his identifications on fingerprints oblige to undergo the procedure. Further it is necessary to undergo process of registration at the residential address in Russia. Its delivery assumes that further the foreigner will seek for finding of the residence permit in the Russian Federation therefore it is impossible to prolong RVP.

As it was already mentioned, such permission can be got both within a quota, and bypassing it. Who can get RVP out of a quota?

It was already told that you surely attach two copies of the application to documentation package. So submits itself such form and how it is correct to issue it?

That the similar questionnaire was considered as correct it is necessary to fill out such columns:

& #8212; Full name;

& #8212; floor;

& #8212; place and date of birth;

& #8212; nationality;

& #8212; marital status;

& #8212; education;

& #8212; data on seniority;

& #8212; contact information;

& #8212; the closest family;

& #8212; INN;

& #8212; details for the identity card.

Only after introduction of all data you can be sure that the application form is completed truly.

Having received on hands the international passport with the permission to temporary residence, you will find out that it represents itself nothing else as a usual stamp. This mark has the parameters of 75х100 mm, and its distinctive features are an inscription from above "TEMPORARY RESIDENCE is AUTHORIZED" and availability of all your personal data is lower (a full name, a floor, nationality, number/date when the decision on granting RVP was made). Similar permission contains also data on body which gave it.

Receiving the press doing by reality temporary residence at the Russian Federation provides to its owner huge amount of advantages.

Nevertheless after registration of the new legal status a certain number of obligations also is assigned to Ukrainians:

The special status which is acquired by the Ukrainian citizen who received RVP gives it the chance to work without registration of the patent. Till 2013 such actions were considered as illegal and threatened with deportation from Russia. Now everything became simpler, however "the special stamp" nevertheless means that you will follow the basic rules and requirements.

It was more than once mentioned that there is a communication between permission and body of FMS which gave it.

If you received the treasured status in St. Petersburg, then, respectively, you will be able to work only there.

Such condition makes a simple problem as which solution will - choose body of FMS only after decided on work. Negligence to the labor and immigration law in 2019 is punished still strictly (from solid penalties before deportation with the ban on entrance).

But to you it is worth to remember also about responsibility of employers in the Russian Federation. So, employing the citizen of Ukraine with RVP stamp, the employer has term in 3 days to inform on it representatives of office of FMS.

Residence in the Russian Federation for one year grants the right to submit documentation on the residence permit. Having changed the status "temporarily living" on position of the resident of the country, you acquire a number of the additional rights and advantages. For example, you will not be tied any more to area where your temporary registration was carried out, and, so your actions will not be territorially limited.

Practice of filing of application on the residence permit in 180 days prior to completion of action of your permission to temporary residence is usual. Violation of these terms can cause penal collectings. You should not trifle of these questions. The residence permit is made out for a period of up to five years.

Nevertheless whether there is unambiguously useful and important information which the citizen of Ukraine who is eager to become the owner of RVP in the Russian Federation has to know? What important moments have a considerable impact on representatives of bodies of FMS at the time of delivery of "a treasured mark"?

In circumstances when the Ukrainian citizen makes the decision to drive on the territory of the Russian Federation, it needs initially to decide on the legal status which he expects in the future. Let's remind that for Ukrainians similar options of succession of events are possible:

The subject which wishes to receive RVP needs to collect first of all a package of documentation and to submit the application to office of FMS. Let's remind that it is necessary to make it taking into account future place of work and accommodation. By the way, it is possible to submit the similar application and by means of the Internet, but for a start you will need registration on the portal of public services. And further, on condition of the positive decision of bodies of FMS in your party, you receive the mark about RVP, and it will be your the first, let and a tiny step, on the way to the Russian society.

I am a citizen of Ukraine, and we with the daughter received RVP and now it is necessary to confirm. And there is no all sum to put. Prompt as well as in what bank it is possible to obtain a loan? And whether there is still some way?

I & #8212; the citizen of Ukraine with RVP. In 180 days could not get a job. Than it threatens me and how to me to avoid punishment? What documents need to be provided?

If the husband and the wife has a long-term working contract whether they will be able to take out with themselves the child of 10 years?

I & #8212; gr. Ukraine. Received RVP on May 15, 2016 till 2020. The stamp of RVP costs in the international passport. Whether the visa to crossing of border at a trip to Ukraine is necessary and back?


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