New : a diet at sharp and chronic pancreatitis of a pancreas

Published: 11.5.2018
diet at sharp and chronic pancreatitis of a pancreas

Pancreatitis in medicine call inflammation of a pancreas. It can proceed in two forms: sharp and chronic. Without the corresponding treatment comes to an end with complications and there is even a probability of a lethal outcome.

The main sign - the most severe belly-ache which can give to a podreberye and have the surrounding character. At the same time it is not stopped by analgetics and spazmolitika. Nausea, vomiting, violations of a chair, weakness and dizziness is noted.

At a chronic form of a disease the main symptoms are the same pains. They are localized "in the pit of the stomach", give to a podreberye and a back.

Often have the surrounding character, weaken if to lay down on a back or to bend. Usually they arise after a meal (or amplify), especially later fried, sharp, fat and also overeating.

Other unpleasant symptom - diarrhea. The chair becomes kashitseobrazny, may contain undigested food. At the same time its quantity constantly increases.

The Kcal has a gray shade, an unpleasant smell, by sight fat, is badly washed away. There can be nausea, an eructation, incidental vomiting, a meteorizm, the appetite worsens, the patient quickly grows thin.

Food is, as a rule, directed to decrease in secretion of gastric secretion, especially during sharp pancreatitis, prevention of development of complications and stabilization of a state at chronic pathology.

Practically always the similar table excludes the products containing rough cellulose as they stimulate work of a GIT. An indispensable condition - the use of enough liquid. The pancreas directly participates in digestion process therefore patients need a special diet. As natural process of digestion is broken, it is necessary to exclude excessive loads of a GIT.

Errors in food provoke emergence of a pain syndrome that, in turn, affects appetite, sometimes there is nausea and vomiting. Therefore treatment assumes the sparing diet to people with pancreatitis. It excludes alcohol, excessively greasy, sweet, fried and carbohydrate food.

Especially strictly it is necessary to follow rules during exacerbation of a chronic disease and during sharp process. The standard medical table assigned to this diet is called No. 5p.

Menus build on proteinaceous food. Experts are sure that the pancreas is responsible for carbohydrate exchange therefore proteins will not overload it. However it does not mean at all that completely exclude from a diet, for example, vegetable / butter. Oils add to already ready dishes - porridge, salads. Exclude only the overroasted fat.

The recommended grain - porridge, rice, buckwheat. Soups - it is exclusive on weak vegetable broth.

It is possible to add small cut potatoes, the ground vegetables (a vegetable marrow, pumpkin, carrots) to these dishes. The majority of sour products can worsen a state therefore it is better to refuse them.

If change of a diet later led a week to disorder of digestion, it is necessary to watch the mode, eating food in strictly determined time. The maximum break between meals - 4 hours.

The drinking mode has to be observed too. Preference is given to rather weak tea, drink with milk, to the fresh fruit juices diluted with water.

The approximate menu needs to be practiced not only during treatment in a hospital, but also some time after an extract from hospital. Even after complete cessation of attacks it is recommended to adhere further to the basic principles of dietary food to exclude a recurrence or exacerbation of a disease.

During aggravation of the patient it is recommended to put in a hospital. This state demands absolutely other food. In the first three days it is required to starve. It is authorized to drink mineral water (1-1,5 l a day, on 1 glass for time) and dogrose broth (2 glasses a day). Then special diyetetichesky food is appointed to 5-7 days. It is low-calorie, contains usual norm of proteins, sharply limits fats and plain carbohydrates.

The diet for this time excludes the rough cellulose stimulating digestive glands. Food has to be fractional: to eat food to 6 times a day, but in the small portions. Dishes have to be boiled or stewed, liquid, wiped or semi-fluid.

What it is possible to eat without restrictions

Under the ban first of all strong vegetable/meat broths, any fat meat / fish / bird, fried (it is even minimum) products and dishes get. Aggressive fruits are forbidden in the raw, onions, turnip, a radish, cabbage, a sorrel, salad, spinach, radish, swede concern those. Of course, it is not allowed smoked and tinned. Rye bread, ice cream, alcohol, sparkling water, spices and spices is not recommended.

In this case it is necessary to watch constantly the diet to exclude emergence of painful attacks. Quite often errors in food lead to exacerbation of a disease. Correctly picked up diet will allow to reduce number of aggravations during inflammation progressing.

The person having chronic pancreatitis has to exclude digestible carbohydrates: honey, sugar, any sweets, candies, sparkling water and very fat products. It is caused by the fact that digestion of fats is significantly broken in the presence of pancreatitis. It is better to adhere to fractional food.

What is authorized in the menu:

As well as at aggravation saturated broths, pork and mutton, fried, smoked, fat, tinned are forbidden. Inadmissible high-grade sausages, caviar, chocolate, pickles and marinades, spices and spices.

It is undesirable to use mushrooms, crude cabbage, spinach, a sorrel, turnip and a garden radish and also bean, sour fruits. It is better to refuse fancy bread, very hot or cold dishes. You should not drink sparkling water and there is an ice cream. Under the strict ban there is also an alcohol.

Diet No. 5p is directed to prevention of fatty infiltration of a pancreas, assumes the sparing mode. It is characterized by the increased amount of protein and simultaneous restriction of fats and plain carbohydrates, refractory fats, purin, cholesterol, extractive substances, rough cellulose, essential oils. It is better to use the ground or liquid dishes. Products are recommended to be boiled, baked, steamed.

Approximate structure for day:

The medical diet has power value about 2500 kcal.

At its observance you have every chance of fast recovery!


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