New : life arose in sea water, and health

Published: 21.6.2018
life arose in sea water, and health

Since ancient times practically all people had legends of "live" and "dead" water, having the improbable curing properties. Today we know that the speech went to them, of course, about water from unique mineral sources.

In the territory of Stavropol and Krasnodar Krai most various mineral "arteries" of Russia, capable to restore health at the most different illnesses are concentrated, perhaps. The main thing - to accept water by rules and to observe all recommendations of the sanatorium doctor.

It is appointed at chronic diseases of the digestive system:

Reception of Slavyanovskaya of water within 3-4 weeks increases resistance of a mucous membrane of a stomach and duodenum to influence of the injuring or toxic factors - and both at adults, and at children. Precisely it is simple to calculate a dose of such water - 5-8 ml on 1 kilogram of a body. That is in one day the person with the body weight of 65 kg should drink 350-500 ml of water.

At diabetes of both types intake of cold water is recommended, and at obesity & #8212; on the contrary, in the look which is warmed up up to 50 ∞C.

In the medicinal and preventive properties this water is in many respects similar to Slavyanovskaya. It is got from geothermal well No. 69 - an encore - 1 the Zheleznovodsk field.

It as well as Slavyanovskaya, is applied to treatment:

It is the best of all to accept water after a meal on a half of a glass or on the whole glass (more exact recommendation to you will be made by the doctor).

Where to drink water? In sanatoria of the city of Zheleznovodsk or in drinking pump rooms of the city, according to the recommendation of the doctor.

Yessentuki No. 4 & #8212; it is a medical table water which significantly improves a functional condition of a GIT. Intake of this water improves acid-forming function of a stomach, motility of all digestive tract, normalizes exchange processes in an organism, improves function of a liver, pancreas, biliary and urinary tract.

It is appointed at the following diseases:

Yessentuki No. 17 & #8212; medicinal hloridno-hydrocarbonate sodium, boric drinking water of a high mineralization (10,0 - 14,0 g/l). The main source - wells No. 17 a bis, 36 bis, 46 Yessentuki fields.

At receipt from the well this water has high temperature.

Water is appointed out of an aggravation phase at the following diseases:

The exact scheme of intake of water and its temperature condition are appointed only by the treating sanatorium doctor.

A certain amount of silicon which is not in other waters of this series supports Yessentuki-new. This microcell plays a large role in a human body: promotes strengthening of hair and nails, normalization of sight, maintaining turgor of skin.

Yessentuki-new it is appointed at the following diagnoses:

Intake of water is possible only out of an aggravation phase on doctor's orders.

Where to drink water? In 1989 in the territory of Yessentuki the drinking gallery, largest in the country, calculated on 5000 visits a day is constructed. It is located in the resort arboretum of sanatorium Victoria. Here directly from the well all waters of the Yessentuki series arrive.

& #171; Ќарзан» - it is medical and table sulfate-hydrocarbonate sodium magnesium-calcium natural drinking mineral water which is got and spill in Kislovodsk. From the historical information, at the world congress of doctors in Moscow in 1879 water & #171; Ќарзан» created a furor. Water contains natural carbon dioxide therefore does not need artificial aeration. Mineralization & #171; Ќарзана» - 2-3 g of salts on water liter.

& #171; Ќарзан» it is formed of melt water which arrives from glaciers of Elbrus. Water collects in underground lakes and then comes to a surface.

Drink & #171; Ќарзана» it is shown only in remission at the following diseases:

Where to drink water? It is possible to try all kinds of water (the general, sulphatic and dolomitny narzan, in the cold and warmed-up look) in the well-known Narzan gallery in the center of Kislovodsk.

In Pyatigorsk the nature prepared for vacationers the whole collection of various mineral waters: carbonic waters (hot, warm, cold & #8212; the first Pyatigorsk type), carbonic and hydrosulphuric ion-salt structure (the second Pyatigorsk type), radon waters (the third Pyatigorsk type), mineral waters carbonic and carbonic and hydrosulphuric (the Yessentuki type), special group "without specific components and properties": nitric terms, methane waters with the increased content of iodine and bromine, slabouglekisly chloride sodium water like Arzni.

Carbonic and hydrosulphuric waters of Pyatigorsk are close among themselves on the chemical composition, the general content of salts, physical properties. High temperature at the exit from the well, salts to 5 g/l, medical concentration of hydrogen sulfide (up to 10 mg/l) and silicon is peculiar to them (up to 50 mg/l). Generally these waters are applied to bathtubs and irrigations, but not to drink.

Drink the water presented in pump rooms of the Academic gallery and Drinking gallery. Today the holiday of mineral water in the Pyatigorsk resort is organized in two galleries, eight pump rooms which are within walking distance from health resorts and clinics.

The Pyatigorsk field of mineral waters is rich also with rather universal salt and alkaline waters (carbonic hloridno-hydrocarbonate sodium) which also drink to destination the sanatorium doctor. It is senseless to abuse such water or to drink it for the future at least and as at most it is dangerous. For achievement of therapeutic effect the course of treatment water has to make not less than 2-3 weeks.

Where to drink water? In pump rooms of sanatoria of Pyatigorsk and also in all drinking galleries of the city.

"Plastoon" & #8212; natural mineral water which is got from depth of 550 m on the Plastoon field located in Khostinsky District of Sochi. The volume of annual production of mineral water is more than 5 thousand cubic meters. On the chemical and mineral composition Plastoon water is as close as possible to the Georgian Borjomi water, mineral waters of the resort of Vichy, Shikonda, Dzhodzhiu.

The Plastoon mineral water with success is applied at the following diseases (out of an aggravation phase):

Daily intake of water - from 500 to 1200 ml, the exact dose will be recommended by the attending physician. Nevertheless it is soft water which has a minimum of contraindications.

Where to drink water? In sanatoria of the city of Sochi and, of course, in the well-known balneary & #171; ћацеста» where the wonderful drinking pump room is established.

By the way, it is accepted to use mineral waters from ceramic or porcelain mugs-poilnikov with the handle nose since only circles of such design keep the natural gas fastening all minerals which are contained in water in one molecule.


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