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Published: 17.10.2018
 what is the choice

I will try to inform of one more already not so new idea even more clear language. I will offer evident practicians.

We quietly accept realities which surely seem inevitable. Nobody worries that it is necessary to breathe and go on the firm earth. We for this purpose need no humility. In this sense the act of humility is the termination of vain resistance inevitable. And here, as in the known prayer, it is required to distinguish only on what we really have an opportunity to influence and that it is simpler to leave alone and not to worry. I will try to display this difficult aspect further from several parties.

In last article I already tried to tell about that, how, in general, our mind dissatisfied with the events is strange arranged. We trust in force of the will and we torment ourselves with conscience for so-called wrong decisions. The belief in the will does not allow to notice that inevitability which makes manifestation of will impossible. We rather easily consider external physical impossibility something, for example, passings through the rock. And here impossibility internal, mental - we do not notice because are convinced as if everything rests against the personal choice and force of the will.

Once I cleared up with the client of his torment because of lack of will to vigorous activity. People around urged on the person to be going and "to rise for skis". The client to surprise of people around answered that it has no such opportunity, contrary to its evident visibility for people around, and was honest because it was not valid. Such is there was for that time an internal psychological deal. It was necessary to recognize and accept only quietly it, having stopped useless experiences about the allegedly weak character.

The qualities declining the person to the made choice is the same reality, how is the weather. Wind blows, clouds are condensed, rainfall drops out - something occurs owing to the natural regularities. The same way and the will of the certain person is the unique procedure of course of its internal mental data in the current conditions.

Therefore also experiences about the abnormality, weakness, about the so-called missed and missed opportunities are equivalent to experience about impossibility to pass through the rock.

Try to postpone reading the text for half-minute and to think of what is the choice. Try to explain to yourself, what is it not on examples when the choice is made between one and another, and to pay attention to this phenomenon. What is the choice in essence?

It is not so easy to explain what does not exist, huh?

One more experiment. Try to define whether you will touch a tip of the nose by a forefinger in one minute, and note time. You can do this experiment several times, attentively watching whether you can change the choice within this minute and as this shift of the choice happens.

Whether your confidence in what you make the choice changed within this minute?

This simple experiment can show to the attentive practician that even in the simplest things we do not operate the choice. Something operates it from within. It is possible to call it himself if so there is a wish to trust in force of the will.

Something similar occurs when the mind rushes about in doubts. Such minutes, it would be far more fair not to decide what to choose, and to try to foresee that on a result will be chosen.

Once my mind for several minutes sagged in a situation where it was required to decide - to be going to leave the house, or to postpone the next day. At some point I with surprise found out that I put on. A choice was made and stated.

Doubts are followed by estimation of various options. And this process of delivery of estimates is usually also attributed to the will. But even the known proverb fairly goes on: "the heart has a will of its own". Kind of diligently the conscience gnawed, is violently lovely also will not be dobras.

If you doubt, then try to take as an experiment right now and with all the heart to fall in love with earlier unloved person.

Well as, it turns out?

It is not so simple to live illusiveness of the choice. But it is absolutely simple to reduce the regrets about what was and it will be chosen, simply like understanding of illusiveness of the choice at least at the conceptual level. Neither heart, nor will really can order.

There are actions behind which we recognize a clean mekhanichnost: blinking by eyes, spontaneous thinking, fidgeting on a chair. What do consciously intended actions to which the personal will is attributed in that case differ in?

As I see it, that visibility which we feel as own choice is inseparable with feeling "I". The choice is a conviction in operation, executed "I". We perceive the choice as process which we create ourselves. It is possible to assimilate it to the line, at the basis which "I" root - the final addressee of everything thinking himself a source.

"I" believe as if can create absolutely different phenomena between which chooses during the next moment. Let's tell, to take apple, or pear.

Having chosen apple instead of pear, we it seems as "know" that we could choose also pear because we for this purpose had a real opportunity about which told us all visible deal of a situation. We state the perfect choice owing to conviction as if could choose something other.

Try to think once again seriously: "What is the choice?"

The most paradoxical and property of the choice difficult to explain is a visibility of an alternative. In this foreshortening the choice is also inexplicable, as well as feeling "I". The choice is an activity "I". The choice is real, so far is real "I", it creating. The answer to a question what is the choice, comes when you realize that it "I" - not certain subpersons, and the nature "I", per se.

So far "I" seem real, real also what it creates as certain "", inherent in it "I" action seems. The nature "I" is unseparable with personal will. In fact "I" am a will in the cleanest look. Or it is possible to tell that visibility "I" am a visibility of personal will.

The person cannot choose pear instead of apple for the same reason for which he cannot jump from a balcony even if external conditions dispose to it. But it cannot owing to conditions internal. Just because there is no such will.

Even a soap bubble for the moments measured to it the unapproachable rock expresses the same power of inevitability of the existence, as well as. And it is necessary to reckon with it.

Really difficult question: that this irrational visibility as if "I" can create during the next moment different actions, for example, represents - to choose pear instead of apple when in practice any choice is beforehand caused by an internal mental deal. The forthcoming choice is in advance limited to the only inevitable option as well as a trajectory of the movement of a cloud on the sky.

© Igor Satorin

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