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Published: 25.6.2019
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I already wrote the review article about moving to the village of Apsheronsky District of Krasnodar Krai. In this article I will tell why we chose this place.

That is you settled in Mezmaye?

We with the husband were there, very much it was pleasant to us. But the prices there decent, I would not tell that is cheap.

We stopped in other village, there mountains not so close and the prices are much lower. Mezmay and Guamka & #8212; the most expensive villages in the area. And there it is heavy to live as there are too much tourists and the mountain too close & #8212; very few people easily maintain it for years.

Yes, too Mezmay seemed to us excessively tourist. Ourselves there tourists were.

Too we are going to Krasnodar Krai into the country to remove. Where it is concrete, were not defined yet, but it is definitely not close to the sea and not to mountains.

Thanks for your website. Your experience of moving and life in the village is very interesting.

Kind time!! Tatyana, so in what village you stopped and live? I was in Apsheronsk in youth, there lived my uncle. At first they lived on the farm the St. Thomas' Sunday, and then moved to Apsherovsk. And now my granddaughter had a desire to move on a permanent residence to Krasnodar Krai.

Hope, we live near Chernihiv.


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