New on the website: after a scandalous trick Megane markl got a new nickname in the palace

Published: 29.9.2018
 after a scandalous trick Megane markl got a new nickname in the palace

You remember photos the Megane Markl with Fashion Awards 2018 & #8212; in a black dress and with black varnish on nails? Insiders of the palace say that this issue notably frayed nerves to all royal family.

Prince Harry's wife as though intentionally for one evening several times violated at once the royal protocol. She came to delivery of awards in the field of fashion to a dress and with the manicure which is categorically not meeting the requirements of etiquette that as speak, especially it was not pleasant to Elizabeth II writes 7 Days.

And still she posed for the glamourous society column that also contradicts rules. The other day video where Megane it was imprinted with girlfriends on an after party was removed from Network. Nothing seditious in it was, however the wife of prince Harry can act only for the legal shooting approved in due form.

And still guests of an action complained of what the duchess Sussex ignored people around. She did not greet anybody of invited, and to approach her personally and it was impossible to express the respect because of a dense ring of protection. About Megane Victoria Beckham, Kendall Jenner, Keith Moss and many other celebrities could not see. Perhaps, Megane just was afraid for the safety and showed excessive vigilance. However against the background of rumors about her difficult character all this looks differently.

They say that for capricious character of the spouse of prince Harry got the nicknames "hurricane Megane" and "difficult duchess" in the palace. With her behavior not only the queen and the duchess Cambridge with which she, by hearsay, swore is dissatisfied.

Negoduyet and Camilla Parker-Bowles, prince Charles's wife and also prince William who allegedly does not hesitate to call Megane "the actress who got a false idea herself the royal person".

On this soil he seriously quarreled with the brother - prince Harry.

"Many royalties very much worry about the future, first of all because Megane it is stubborn and uncontrollable" - the British press reports.

We will remind that after this event the Megane Markl appeared in the company of the spouse, prince William and Kate Middleton on traditional Christmas service of the queen in Norfolk. Kate and Megane & #171; мило» communicated, at least, so it looked from outside, despite all alleged disagreements between wives of princes.


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