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Published: 29.4.2019
in what products contains folic acid: list of the most useful

The correct balance of various vitamins and minerals is necessary for normal functioning of an organism. The lack of any of these substances is capable to do considerable harm, sometimes irreparable. One of such important elements is folic acid or, in a different way, B9 vitamin. Its shortcoming is fraught with a set of unpleasant problems with health. Therefore it is regularly necessary to include in a diet the products containing folic acid.

In the 30th years of the last century scientists noticed medical effect of the extract which is formed at disintegration of yeast on the pregnant women and persons suffering from an anemia.

After the numerous experiments this substance was identified and received in ten years from spinach leaves why it also received the name ("folium" means "sheet"). In the artificial way folic acid was synthesized several years later.

B9 vitamin is intended for performance in an organism of a set of the major functions. It:

The lack of this vitamin is fraught with serious problems:

The excess of B9 vitamin is also undesirable as it conducts to problems:

The organism itself also is capable to produce folic acid. Its synthesis is included into function of useful intestinal microflora. However its work can be broken as a result of treatment by medicamentous medicines and especially antibiotics. It is necessary to restore healthy microflora.

Folic acid is present at many products, among them fruit and vegetables which are rich with many useful connections including this substance are of the greatest value.

B9 vitamin is necessary for one and all that it is explained by its characteristic qualities and need for the correct work of an organism. It is necessary to know what products contain folic acid effectively to maintain its balance.


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