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Published: 27.5.2019
 the minimum and average salary in Israel 2019 by professions

In Israel hundreds of startups are annually started, representative offices of the international companies open, tourism industry develops that creates prerequisites for growth of economy. Thanks to skillful actions of the government the education level increases, innovations actively take root, the percent of employment and income of all segments of the population grows. So, according to the Central bureau of statistics, the average salary in Israel in 2019 was 10 073 shekels (2 817 US dollars) in one calendar month that is 8,4% more, than in 2017.

Annually Israel is visited by thousands of citizens wishing to find here stable highly paid work. Mainly immigrants are the people of middle age possessing profile education and also experience at a position of the health worker, driver, electrician, builder, operator of machines, nurses.

Working conditions for hired personnel good. Duration of the working day depends on a field of activity of the enterprise and the staff list. According to the Central bureau of statistics, the 8-10-hour working day is an average value for officially busy citizens.

According to the Central bureau of statistics, unemployment rate in Israel is 4,5%, and the amount of the salary varies from 4 600 shekels (1 295 US dollars) in the social sphere up to 27 000 shekels (7 599 US dollars) in the sphere of power and mining. The salary depends on experience and qualification of hired personnel. Workers who have the higher education are especially appreciated, know Hebrew and foreign languages.

Besides, it must be kept in mind that the average salary for work in Tel Aviv in 2019 is higher, than compensation of hired personnel in small towns, but at the same time housing prices and products in the capital of Israel are higher too.

Initially it seems that 10 073 shekels (2 807 US dollars) which are monthly earned by the average citizen in Israel are the impressive sum. However if to consider the cost of food, journey and utilities, it becomes clear that some inhabitants should save as 65% working receive less than 7 500 shekels (1 970 US dollars). Nevertheless it is considered to be that the citizens receiving from 7 500 to 9 500 shekels (1 970-2 673 US dollars) make the middle class of the busy population.

It is the most difficult for representatives of working specialties to earn money - to builders, machine operators, drivers, welders. The average salary of builders in Israel is 9 113 shekels (2 565 US dollars), and work on construction of civil objects is paid better, than arrangement of production rooms.

It is rather easy for the qualified welder to find work at the enterprises which are engaged in production of products for needs of the industry and the population. And employers highly appreciate migrants with Slavic roots. The average salary of the welder in Israel is about 30 shekels an hour and reaches 7 000-8 500 shekels (1 970-2 390 US dollars) a month at the 8-10-hour working day.

As for the average salary of the tram driver in Jerusalem and also drivers of other vehicles, the level of their income fluctuates from 9 300 to 11 100 shekels (2 617-3 124 US dollars).

Servicemen, turners, programmers and operators of milling machines are required constantly, irrespective of a season. Mainly work on production of various designs and details is carried out on the basis of the large plants. As practice shows, the operator of CNC machines of salary in Israel receives from 30 to 50 shekels (8,5-14 US dollars) an hour, for processing surcharge is supposed. If desired it is possible to earn up to 9 000 shekels (2 532 US dollars) a month.

Women who look for work in Israel actively respond to vacancies of nurses, governesses, waitresses, teachers. It should be noted that many natives of the CIS countries work in Israel as nurses. And all because services in care of elderly people who offer the state clinics and the special centers quite expensive. And if to consider what salary at nurses in Israel, the benefit for "employers" becomes obvious & #8211; monthly they can pay only 4 600-8 400 shekels (1 295-2364 of US dollar).

Slavic women can also be met in the markets, in hospitals, restaurants and places where it is necessary to keep purity and order and also to perform simple physical activity. Sometimes they get a job on gas stations, in shops and the cleaning companies.

Natives of the CIS countries which know how to earn in Israel, quite often work overtime, settle on a side job to reach income level from 7 000 shekels (1 970 US dollars) a month.

Many companies in Israel offer work for Russians. Vacancies and salary in them constantly change. And if earlier drivers, welders, builders, nurses enjoyed wide popularity, then demand for more skilled staff grows now.

If you doubt whether it is worth going to earnings to Israel, pay attention to compensation of more skilled workers. For example, most of financiers and bank employees earn from 15 000 to 16 000 shekels (4 217-4 500 US dollars), however there are representatives of this industry (less than 5%) who monthly receive from 20 000 shekels (5 623 US dollars).

Also employees of the largest national energy companies for which 20 000-22 000 shekels (5 623-6 185 US dollars) are typical salary can brag of high income level. In general, in the sphere of power industry and water supply it is possible to expect the maximum level of income. Even officials earn less - 13 500 shekels (3 795 US dollars).

The amount of the salary of health workers depends on qualification and a profile. So, the support personnel (hospital attendants, nurses, interns) has income to 5 000 shekels (1 400 US dollars), junior doctors receive 8 000-9 000 shekels (2 250-2 530 US dollars). For example, if interests you how many the hygienist will receive (shinanit), the salary in Israel of such expert will not be beyond the figures stated above. About medicine level in Israel you can read according to the reference.

Speaking about more qualified medical personnel, we will note that anesthesiologists have income of 11 000-13 000 shekels (3 090-3 650 US dollars), and experienced surgeons earn about 14 000-16 000 shekels (3 940-4 500 US dollars).

At the same time it is necessary to remember that in the country only locals or owners of the Israeli working visa have the right for official employment. To obtain citizenship of Israel, it is necessary to put a lot of effort. For example, all physicians wishing to work in the Israeli clinics have to pass a qualification examination. Also it is necessary to learn Hebrew & #8211; training at free courses can last 1 year.

The size of minimum wage is defined, proceeding from two criteria: age of the employee (the teenager or the person are more senior than 18 years) and the nature of charge of earnings. In the country there are companies which offer employees the fixed rate, others apply hourly payment, and the third work at conditions of price-work payment (for each client draw interest or a certain sum). At the same time all workers, regardless of nationality, have the right for remuneration for work not below the minimum level.

The state established norms according to which the minimum wage in an hour in Israel in 2019 is 26,88 shekels (7,56 US dollars). If the person works till 43 o'clock in a week, his rate will be 5 000 shekels (1 405 US dollars). Daily salary at 6-day working week will be 200 shekels (56,23 US dollars), at 5 day's rest - 230 shekels (64,67 US dollars).

In this table it is shown how the minimum compensation for adults pays off:

As salary depends on gender and age of the employee

Speaking about the salary of teenagers, it is necessary to understand that payments to them will be much lower. When forming the minimum wage to persons up to 16 years employers are guided by the criteria developed by the government:

Each employee knows what is established a minimum in Israel in an hour since 2017 and if its rights are violated, he can file a complaint to the Ministry of Economics, and then concrete measures for suppression of such violations from the employer will be taken.

It should be noted that, despite decent unemployment rate in the country (4,5%) and also quite high percent of the people who are below the poverty line (more than 20%), foreigners are actively involved in Israel. So, male immigrants are mainly employed where the attentiveness, endurance and physical force is required. At the same time housing, food is quite often provided to workers, transportation to the place of work is provided. Certainly, in luxurious apartments and expensive food it is not necessary to count on accommodation.

Good chances to get a job have and women are more senior than 40 years. Mainly it is about housework: cooking, patient care and aged, education of children. The average monthly salary of the tutor in Israel on specialties is 5 000-6 000 shekels (1 400-1 687 US dollars), at the same time food and accommodation often free.

It is necessary to understand that all salaries sounded above are specified without deduction of taxes. The average salary in Israel in 2019 in shekels after payment of taxes and fees significantly decreases. From the salary of the employee specified in the contract income tax, a tax on medical and social insurance and also contributions to the Pension fund keeps.

Income tax is progressive and depends on the size of compensation of each specific worker. Citizens of Israel have the right for reduction of this type of tax according to preferential tax units while labor migrants pay a tax "on full", proceeding from the criteria given in the table.

Dependence of the income tax rate on the sum of the monthly salary:

Apparently from the table, the maximum income tax is paid by workers whose monthly income exceeds 66 961 shekels (18 827 US dollars). However such citizens are not enough as 65% of local population and labor migrants earn less than 7 500 shekels (1 970 US dollars) a month.

According to the legislation of Israel, the tax on medical and social insurance makes 12%, the contribution to the Pension fund is at the level of 2,5%. That is each worker should give at least 24% of the salary in a type of tax (if to consider a tax on income in the size of 10%).

The state and some foreign companies practice surcharge in the sum of 5-7,5% on a retirement account of the worker. Thus they promote inflow of new shots under equal terms of payment in labor market.

Any manipulations directed to evasion of taxes strictly are punished therefore employees who work at prestigious positions extremely seldom receive the salary "in envelopes".

Having read article, you learned about what average salary in Israel in dollars what obligatory taxes keep from the salary and what specialties of natives of the CIS countries are in the greatest demand. Now you need only to pick up the necessary vacancy, to process documents and to move off in searches of the better life!


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