New on the website: whether the international passport to Georgia for Russians in 2019 is necessary

Published: 29.5.2018
whether the international passport to Georgia for Russians in 2019 is necessary

The issue of relevance of visas to Russians in the Georgian legislation is finally not resolved. And here the answer to a question whether the international passport to Georgia is necessary, is unambiguous today. The international passport is necessary for the Russian tourist for entry into this country.

At the time of the Soviet Union Georgia was one of the most popular destinations. Today to this solar and hospitable country still there comes the considerable number of tourists from Russia. Some so fall in love with this country that they decide to remain in Georgia forever.

Considering that rules of entrance for Russians periodically change, many fans of travel have reasonable questions.

In June, 2015 for Russians new rules of entry into Georgia were adopted. These rules are relevant also in 2019. The main change concerned a visa question. If the rendezvous to Georgia does not last about one year, then in obtaining the visa document there is no need. It is possible to cross the Georgian border only by means of the air transport or a car. For crossing of border it is necessary to get on a bus or & #171; поймать» passing car.

For a trip to Georgia in 2019, besides the international passport, the driver undertakes to prepare the following documents:

If the driver has no certificate of the international sample, then it can be replaced Russian. At the same time personal data have to be duplicated by Latin letters. It is also very desirable to keep the driving license. If one more driver is not near the person from whom took away the driving license, then into Georgia he will not be done not allowed.

In the power of attorney on the car it has to be said that it is authorized to driver to cross border accurately. The standard power of attorney when crossing border is rejected. The obligatory insurance for entrance is not required. But its existence will not prevent.

For a trip to Georgia together with children it is necessary to prepare the following documents:

Permission to export has to be issued notarially. Same concerns a situation when the child travels only with primogenitors or trustees. The service charge on young travelers is paid in a full size.

Concerning period of validity of the international passport data differ. On the official site of consular department of Georgia it is said that for entrance on the territory of the country period of validity of the passport should not be less than 180 days. The rule that period of validity of the passport has to make 3 months after date of departure out of borders of the country works in many European countries.

The staff of the Georgian consulate noted recently that three-months period of validity of the travel document is relevant also for Georgia.

But if period of validity of the travel document does not exceed 90 days, all the same will allow the Russian tourist arrival on the territory of the country.

According to other data, the main criterion for entrance is the validity of the passport. That is, the Russian traveler needs to plan the rendezvous so that period of validity of the passport did not end during the trip. If all pages of the travel document are filled, then it is desirable to receive the new document. It is important to remember that it is possible to receive the new international passport only in 30 days after the appeal to the Office of the Federal Migration Service.

Some travelers claim that problems when crossing border do not arise even in case period of validity of the international passport expires in five months.

Visa-free entrance gives many tremendous opportunities to all judges of this tender Caucasian country. Life in Georgia is attractive to the Russian tourists. No bureaucratic delays when crossing frontier usually arise. Many Russians note friendliness of frontier guards who quite often ask the leaving tourists about impressions and wish them to arrive to this country once again.

A few years ago rumors about certain & #171 went; санкци¤х» which are imposed on the tourists who exceeded a 90-day limit of stay in Georgia. Rumors and remained rumors. Penalties & #171; санкции» the Russian tourist is not threatened. It is important to remember also that it is possible to exceed a limit, but no more than for ten days.

If the Russian tourist wants to remain in Georgia a little longer, he will need to file a petition to the relevant department of migration body. It is possible to issue the residence permit and to move to this country.

For extension of terms of stay at itself it is necessary to have qualitative pictures and the existing international passport. The staff of the agency of the civil register will ask the Russian to fill out the application questionnaire and to pay a service charge.

The amount of a service charge is 50 euros today.

If the person delays the prolonged term, it is already threatened by punishment. The staff of the agency of the civil register will ask to pay a penalty and will forbid to visit Georgia within 12 months

The procedure of filing of application does not take a lot of time. One more of its plus is that she does not demand providing a large number of documents. Receiving refusal & #8212; nearly nonsense. In 99,9% of cases the issue is resolved in favor of the foreigner.

And here if before visit of Georgia the Russian tourist can stop by in Abkhazia or South Ossetia, problems will not manage to be avoided. The employee of the border service, having seen the corresponding mark in the international passport, will just stop the tourist at border. And it at best.

If the authorities of the Georgian state consider illegal attempt of entrance on the territory of the country from one of the republics, then the Russian traveler is threatened by arrest and deportation. Further the person will be blacklisted and visit of the Georgian state will be for it under the sign of a taboo.

Georgia, as well as any other country, has own rules of entrance. All requirements are relevant both for guests from foreign countries, and for the Russian citizens. It is the best of all to specify information on permissions and the bans in the Georgian diitem establishment. The approximate list of the things forbidden at entrance is rather extensive. It is impossible to import on the territory of the country:

The question of import to the territory of the country of medicines needs to be specified in advance. In the presence of the recipe from the doctor it is allowed to take the forbidden medicines.

Jewelry and the large sum of money are subject to obligatory declaring. This document needs to be kept until the end of the trip. It is optional to declare the objects of private use which are not entering the list of the forbidden things.

Concerning transportation of alcoholic drinks it is also recommended to take an interest in the Georgian diitem establishment.

Each traveler wishing to avoid problems which can arise in case of crossing of the Georgian-Abkhazian or Georgian-Ossetian border has to take precautionary measures in due time.

If the Russian needs to visit Ossetia or Abkhazia and also Georgia, then for a trip to the republics it is necessary to use the internal passport. In the all-civil Russian passport the stamp on border does not treat. It is also possible to visit at first Georgia, and then one or both republics. It is possible to get on the territory of the republics from the Georgian state only after obtaining the allowing document from the MFA.


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