not to hold back tears, looking at how this girl these photos lost weight it is worth seeing, at the request of chitaty

Published: 13.6.2019
not to hold back tears, looking how this girl these photos lost weight it is worth seeing

& #8220; Tolstaya! Tolstaya! & #8221; & #8211; children shouted it. And the family made the difficult decision & #x1f622;

All the life Breanna suffered mockeries. "Lard-arse! Lard-arse!" - peers shouted it. And once her family made up the mind to a desperate step.

Nine-year-old Breanna from California, the USA could never play together with peers outdoor games. She quickly began to wind by running. The girl since the birth had an excess weight. In nine years she weighed nearly 90 kilograms!

The girl had obesity already in infancy. In kindergarten she weighed under 45 kilograms. Certainly, as it often happens, the full child became the center of all sneers and awful nicknames. "All at school called me the lard-arse," - the girl remembers, wiping tears from eyes. Present what is a trauma for the girl who only got to a garden.

Her mother Heydi could not take out suffering of the daughter. Instead of justifying her appearance with genetics, she decided that that has to lose weight. But mother perfectly understood that the daughter will not cope one. Therefore all family decided to grow thin together in it.

Every day mother, the father, the daughter and even the five-year-old son passed 6 kilometers. And any exceptions! "We went to a rain, during cold, to fog. Sometimes even at night if in a different way it was impossible. Nothing could stop us," - Heydi tells. Besides all family kept to a diet: any greasy food and sugar minimum. Besides, Breanna saw off on an hour a day on the racetrack. And the result did not keep itself waiting.

Less than a year later "lard-arse" Breanna disappeared forever. Some children at school did not even learn it. The girl who hardly ran earlier several meters plays basketball and swimming now. She was even taken in the team of cheerleaders where only the most popular girls usually get.

Happy parents do not hide pride. Breanna did not give up, did not complain, surely went towards the aim and inspired all family to continue hard work on itself. "Now it inspires many children who want to get rid of excess weight," with pride mother tells. But all perfectly understand that the girl coped with a problem only thanks to support of all family. Therefore, having heard Breanna's history, many families began to address her parents for council. "Be not afraid to set difficult tasks for the children and always support them," - the girl's parents advise.

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