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Published: 13.3.2018
rest in November in Spain: weather, temperature, holidays how to put on a season of 2019

Always solar and cheerful Spain is the present fairy tale for travelers who want to appear in a flash in the unique country with variety of entertainments and sights.

Fascinating walks in cultural and historical places of the cities familiar since the childhood - Barcelona, Madrid, Seville, Valencia and Navarre are all the year round available to admirers of this direction. Behind adrenaline and thrills tourists go to mountains, and behind beach vacation to an island part of the country.

Contents: Spain in November the Air temperature and waters of Feature of weather conditions Weather in popular resorts Costa Brava of Tenerife Ibiza Rest in Spain Advantages of rest in November How to put on in the fall? Where to go also what to look at? Holidays Beach tourism of the Excursion With children

Weather in Spain in November is fully subject to all winds and the currents of Atlantic - the scorching heat in a flash is replaced by a cool, but not in all areas. The well-known Gulf Stream Current and special marine ecosystem of the Mediterranean do not allow water and air to cool down even under the most severe weather conditions.

The autumn trip to Spain is an excellent opportunity to dispel melancholy, having organized one of the best travel to the amazing country, thereby having prolonged "summer".

In November rather warmly. Such weather reminds early fall in those countries where the temperate climate reigns.

Daytime temperature in November rather different - in resort areas air gets warm up to +23-25 ∞C, and in a continental part of Spain sharply falls up to +10-14 ∞C.

Water temperature in the island resorts of Spain in November reaches +17-20 ∞C, but it is almost impossible to bathe because of constant winds. But sunny days are enough for receiving pleasant suntan.

Cool weather in November in Spain is in many respects obliged to strong winds and raininess, than temperature indicators. Even if air will get warm up to +20 ∞C, on feelings no more than +15 ∞C will seem. In night-time it becomes absolutely cool - only +10 ∞C.

To go to Spain in a certain season, it is necessary to decide on a purpose of visit. In this article you learn when it is better to go to Spain, proceeding from the desires.

For this reason, an optimal solution for rest in Spain in the last autumn month - to exclude visit of a continental part and at once to go to one of fantastic islands. Island resorts of the country remain protected from rains - they are covered by mountains.

Island resorts differ from the mainland in softer climate.

On this resort coast of Spain air gets warm a little more weakly therefore in the afternoon average temperature is +18 ∞C, and at night - +7 ∞C, at the same time sea water is unsuitable for bathing as its temperature of +17 ∞C.

Will meet by a special microclimate travelers one of the Canary Islands - Tenerife - the unique place with comfortable year-round weather. Even autumn temperature does not concede to summer months here and is in the afternoon +21 ∞C, at night - +14 ∞C therefore tourists will find sun roast and the warm sea in this part of Spain. Water temperature on the sea coast will pleasantly surprise guests, getting warm up to +21 ∞C.

To be glad to the warm sun and to enjoy beach vacation at the very end of fall, travelers go to Canary or Balearic Islands and also to Catalonia.

Rather comfortably to be to tourists in one of the most popular resorts of Spain as water and air have identical temperature here - +23 ∞C. Even if weather in this part of the country will deteriorate, there is always an opportunity to enjoy the developed show business.

The main conditions which should be observed during the November travel to Spain - precisely to know a purpose of visit and also to have at itself the clothes corresponding to weather conditions. Thanks to it, visit of the country will be more saturated.

For certain you want to acquire one of the Spanish mementoes. Read article about the most popular souvenirs among tourists.

A trip to Spain in the last month falls - an optimal variant for travelers who want to have a rest well and saturated even in the fall as fantastically warm and pleasant weather just disposes to slow walks on the city or the sea coast, saturated excursions and also rest at incredibly attractive prices.

If the travel is planned in the southern part of the country, then it is the best of all to take in Spain habitual resort things - a t-shirt and shorts and also not to forget to take a windbreaker or pair of light sweaters to throw with them atop. In other regions is slightly colder therefore the light coat, warm footwear, a jumper and an umbrella will not prevent.

If you took not enough things, then it is possible to do some shopping in Barcelona. Read article about the Spanish shopping.

The travelers who were not in time to visit Spain a little earlier have to know that this country - a well of excursion, natural and gastronomic wealth.

In the first day of November in Spain official day off as this day the whole country celebrates All Saints' Day begins. For this reason in many cities special events which attract with the singularity and beauty are held.

Every day after 10 o'clock in the evening in Spain begins well-known March - campaigns on restaurants and bars, festivities and campaigns on discos.

A festival of olives which is held on November 9 - a good occasion to go to Andalusia, namely to the city of Baena. During this action in the city to look how dishes with addition of olive oil prepare, to participate in concerts and also to visit an exhibition and a fair.

In November in Spain within 20 days the Festival of Jazz at which the notice is annually observed is held. Generally this holiday is spent in Madrid and Granada.

The beaches of Spain which are located both on continental and on an island part of the country, - the true pride of Spain. Almost all of them are marked out by the distinctive sign - a blue flag.

At such weather the beach season in Spain is already closed, but tourists nevertheless have a chance to find soft and warm weather. For this purpose it is enough to go to Ibiza, Mallorca, Costa Brava or Tenerife there are islands where there is an opportunity to combine beach vacation, to see sights and to try tasty and useful Spanish cuisine.

Considering that in each large city of Spain there is own airport, tourists have a fine opportunity for short term to reach any of the places attracting with the sights.

The highest concentration of excursion richness of Spain is collected on the mainland, mainly, in Barcelona or Madrid. Cool weather disposes to visit of the museums, temples and monasteries located in these cities.

Each city from Madrid to Canary Islands, is ready to show the mass of interesting and fascinating places, and cheerful holidays which are so loved by locals will make rest brighter.

Each traveler should visit surely the places connected with creations in the fall and Gave, and Gaudi in Barcelona which here infinite quantity. During this season they look even more perfectly, than usually.

Spain is rich not only excursion rounds, but also a variety of children's rest, especially in November when the scorching weather is replaced by pleasant climate. Among children's entertainments aquaparks are most popular:

Also in Spain there are a lot of children's cafes, excursions on seaports and educational programs with studying of local culture and language.

Despite cool weather, rest in Spain in November it is still relevant and incredibly interesting as brings a lot of positive emotions.

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