Obtaining nationality for the child born in the USA in 2019, the most readable

Published: 5.6.2019
obtaining nationality for the child born in the USA in 2019

The child himself does not choose what citizen of the country he will become. But parents have such control, and in their hands to define the fate of future kid. Why this question is so important? Only present, maturing in some country, the little citizen gets under its laws that already defines his future.

Well if in it the excellent social insurance giving freedom of movement, the choice of education and places of work works. And if does not carry what then waits for it - prospect to join ranks of illegal workers, or to ask the shelter in the developed countries?

It is known that USA & #8212; one of the few countries who practices jussoli (the right of the earth) for all children who were born in its territory. Even if childbirth happened by the ship in its territorial waters, the newborn automatically becomes the citizen of America (in the people of such children call "anchors").

For the first time the 14th amendment of the Constitution was fixed in 1868. In it it is told: "Е any person regardless of race born in the territory of the USA is her citizen".

Only children of foreign diplomats and heads of other countries are considered as an exception to the rules - they will not obtain citizenship of the USA on the birth.

The first way & #8212; by the principle of the earth & #8212; the most reliable and simple. That is why many women seek to give rise in America. This principle extends even to the child of illegally staying mother. Not all, however, think over in advance where they are going to give birth. And still the chance to give to children citizenship of the USA is:

Russia, as well as the USA, allows dual citizenship. It follows from this that the Russian parents can quite have a baby - the citizen of both countries at the same time. Such deal will allow the child to have the right to choose concerning the future study and life and will open borders in any corner of the world.

When the visa to America already on hands, arises a question: with what documents will the border service allow to drive to the pregnant woman on the territory of the USA? Contrary to frequent delusions, the planned childbirth of foreigners in America is only welcomed. The main thing what the immigration service has to be sure of, is an existence of sufficient funds for payment of medical services. It is recommended to have at itself:

Besides often officers carp at the available proofs of attachment of the woman to the homeland. Always there are suspicions about immigration intentions of the foreigner & #8212; obtaining citizenship of the USA by mother through the child.

It is worth warning that on border it is not necessary to lie about the travel purpose. Especially there is nothing to be afraid if documents from local hospital with paid cheques are available.

Driving on a tourist visa (by the way, an optimal variant) have 6 months of stay in the country. Therefore specialists of many intermediary firms recommend to go to a travel in 2 months prior to childbirth. Better if it is the 24-30th week of pregnancy to avoid the premature birth caused by flight.

Among many Russians there is an opinion that the best level of medicine is concentrated in the large cities. The medicine really is in America at the high level. Therefore each couple makes the decision, proceeding from the budget.

Quite good clinics are just concentrated in the remote place of the USA - the city of Omaha. Not without reason this place is considered the medical center of America.

The decision of future parents to make a long trip through the ocean proceeds not only at the rate of obtaining nationality by the child. There are cases when the result of pregnancy depends on the highest level of delivery of health care. In that case chances to save the kid in the USA will be more than in Russia.

Even if money for operation at couple will not appear, there is always the last hope for the social help of the USA. At registration of MEDIKEYD all procedures after the delivery will be absolutely free. Including surgeries and rehabilitation courses.

It is important to know that after use of MEDIKEYD you in the country will not be let any more. Unless already full age child will decide to reunite with family in America.

Therefore, being discharged from hospital, do not forget to take the certificate of payment of account. When the repeated visa is required, this reference will serve as the proof that you did not resort to the help of the state.

They say, in Russia women gave birth in the field, and no problems existed. Why our modern society goes at the other end of the world to give birth to the child? Statistics of former years holds back such indicator as high mortality of babies. Now doctors even at pregnancy can diagnose congenital pathology and save the newborn the first minutes of life. Most likely, for many women this first confirmation why it is worth giving birth in America.

Here the small list of other advantages of childbirth in the USA:

However, in the American citizenship there is also a reverse side which also should be considered on family council before a trip:

To provide to the child the dual citizenship will cost to parents a pretty penny, besides payment of accounts of clinic it is necessary to live still somewhere and to eat something. Understanding the provision of such couples, in Los Angeles even allocated the whole network of hotels where there are all conditions for newly made mothers with their kids.

Before going to a long way, it is important to study the price list of good clinics. Often hospitals do not include collecting on a research of a fruit of the pregnant woman and additional services at childbirth. As practice shows, in clinic with high reputation of the price can be a little overestimated. Therefore there is a sense to conduct negotiations with her representatives personally, perhaps, your final account will decrease a little. Besides discounts are available also on complex packages of services.

If you are going to go to the USA not through intermediaries, you should be prepared for such questions well:

Of course, it is simpler to assign all cares to intermediaries. They will undertake all organizational issues, including flight, rent of housing, the choice of clinic and doctors. Such deal is convenient at a big purse as you pay much more, than at independent efforts.

So how much childbirth in America on average will cost?

As practice, a necessary minimum of all expenses shows (including plane tickets) will pour out in $10-15 thousand. It only on condition that the chosen clinic is located not in the large city. Otherwise it is necessary to spend $10-20 thousand only for services of private clinic.

The incorrect opinion goes that the American citizenship of the child will present the ticket for immigration to America of all family members. Laws of America do not give indulgences to relatives of the citizens therefore parents will be able to pass on category of reunion of family only after achievement of 21 years by the child. And if he already lives in the territory of the country.

The children born on the American earth will not need to recite oath of allegiance. And here parents at the time of obtaining nationality are obliged to know and be able to retell by the own words the national oath. At an interview also often ask questions about the history of America, and in writing (or orally) examination in English is held. It is better to prepare answers to questions in advance especially as they are posted on the Internet.

Future mother needs to know that in certain cases foreign childbirth can become an obstacle when obtaining the repeated visa. The consular worker sometimes considers the long period of stay in the country (before childbirth and after) as the sign that the woman partially lost touch with the homeland. For restoration of communication there has to pass some time, and it is worth forgetting about the next trip so far.

The situation will turn back an unpleasant side if the woman held back in consulate the intentions to give rise abroad. In that case the immigration service can make the categorical decision concerning mother - the lifelong ban on entry into the USA.

I & #8212; citizen of the Russian Federation. I have a Green card of the USA for 2 years, and in 3 months the child from the U.S. citizen will be born. Whether in such situation I can count on obtaining any documents for legal accommodation in the territory of the USA?

You already legally live if you have a Green card. The child does not influence process of obtaining the Green card for 10 years in any way. However, there is an unspoken rule by which you will not be expelled from the country if you have a child who was born in the USA.

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