of 10 plants which it is possible to grow up without effort houses, interesting

Published: 1.8.2018
a garden at a window: 10 plants which it is possible to grow up without effort houses

Always dreamed to arrange a garden at a window? If you have no experience in gardening at all, or you were only fond of this interesting hobby, do not worry. You can easily fulfill this dream, there is a lot of beautiful, and at the same time very unpretentious plants.

Of course, not all plants it is easy to grow up and look after them. For example, many of them are not suitable for small spaces. And therefore it is so important to know how it is correct to pick up plants for your garden. Read further!

What plants it is possible to grow up houses easily?

Plants do the house to much cozier and create the pleasant atmosphere. Also they promote clarification of air and, therefore, create pleasant natural aroma. You are already ready to follow our advice and to create an own garden?

However, you have to mean several important points:

First, besides ornamental plants, you can grow up & #171; полезные» & #8212; fruit-trees and edible cultures. Yes, there are several such plants which it is possible to grow up houses easily. Your house a hundred times cozier will help to make a choice of the correct plant.

Secondly, it is necessary to consider the place size for a garden. Light, humidity, quality of the soil (if it is a small garden) or lands (if plants grow in pots), and so on. It is important because as soon as you plant a plant in the chosen place, it is better not to replace it any more.

Why? It is known that plants get used to a situation and, when moving, perhaps, will not get accustomed on the new place. Even if it seems to you that there they look better.

In other words, not only the appearance is important, it is necessary to consider requirements of plants also. The choice can be simplified if to consider all these factors:

Though the blossoming plants look very beautifully, do not recommend them for beginners. As a rule, plants with flowers, more gentle, they need more attention, than to others.

Nevertheless, it is possible to grow up easily some small and very fragrant plants. For example, such, as: mint, lavender, rosemary, camomile and parsley (all of them edible).

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We create the garden at a window: 5 most suitable plants

Roses, daisies, geraniums and strelitzia & #8212; it plants from places with tropical climate. Therefore they need to be put in places with bright sunlight, to weed weeds and it is good to water.

Thus you will create conditions for their good growth. And still their fragrant flowers will fill your house in color and life.

If you want to grow up such plant as bugenvilleya, it must be kept in mind that their huge number of versions. Some of bugenvilly grow very slowly. And therefore they can be put easily even in small pots.

You remember, beauty of the house and a garden depend not only on quantity of plants. How you look after them is of great importance.

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5 aromatic plants which can be grown up easily

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