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Published: 5.6.2018
15 life hacks how to save a hairstyle after a cap

Girls, remember, without cap it is impossible to go in the winter! Hair bulbs are very sensitive to cold and if constantly to freeze them, business can end with a hair loss. So be not too lazy to pick up to yourself a cool cap and remember our councils which will solve this winter problem.

1. Always well dry up hair

If hair remain at least a little damp, the hairstyle will take the cap form, Rambler writes. It is desirable to wash the head in two hours prior to an exit (yes, it is difficult to make it when in 9 it is necessary to be already at work). Besides walk with wet hair will not bring to anything good into a frost.

2. Include cold air the last 2 minutes of drying

Hair need to be cooled at the end of drying: they will be confused less, volume will longer keep, and the cap will not be able cardinally to do much harm to laying any more.

3. Use means for laying less

Whenever possible reduce amount of gel or varnish to a minimum. First, if means for laying does not dry, you receive the same result, as with moist hair. Secondly, gel in hair + a cap = dirty hair (they can be clean, but will inaccurately look). Stylists advise to use sprays for volume with thermoprotective effect: after them hair will not stick together.

4. Buy a qualitative hairbrush

If you take off a cap - and turn into a dandelion, that time to look at the hairbrush. It metal or plastic? Throw out and change for model from antistatic materials (for example, from silicone).

5. Remember that rose attar - natural antistatic

Apply a drop of rose attar on a hairbrush (from any material) - and hair will cease to be electrified.

6. Splash a cap antistatic

One more way to resist to the "flying" hair is to sprinkle a cap usual antistatic for clothes from the inside.

7. You wear caps only from natural materials

It is important that yarn from which the cap is knit was not prickly and did not contain more than 30% of artificial fibers. Otherwise head skin will constantly sweat (if a cap fur, then you look at lining material).

8. Correctly put on a cap

Experts consider that it is necessary to put on a cap so: pull it on the head, kind of shifting from a forehead back, then hair will lay down under a cap in one direction.

9. Do not choose close caps

Do not buy close headdresses: they ugly slip from the head and spoil a hairstyle. Pay attention to too hard elastic bands which not only ugly deform hair, but also leave a mark on a forehead.

10. Remove a headdress in transport

In transport will become the head hot, skin will begin to sweat, and it will precisely negatively affect laying.

11. Give preference to hairstyles without volume at roots

In cold season do a hair at which volume is distributed not at roots, and on tips. For example, it is possible to twist hair to the middle of length. Still option - to remove volume absolutely and it is ideal to straighten hair.

12. Collect long hair in a bunch

We advise owners of long hair to make a bunch (it is possible low that the cap stretched on the head), and then to indoors dismiss them and to stir up a little. You receive soft waves and natural volume.

If you have a bang, stylists recommend to raise it at roots, then to throw back upward and to accurately put on a cap (at the same time the bang has to be dried up for 100% - see Paragraph 1).

13. Do massage of the head

If laying without volume is not your option, then make the following: after you take off a cap, hang the head down, carefully massage hair at roots for 30 seconds (movements from a nape to a forehead). Such simple massage will return to a head of hear volume and will eliminate the zaloma of hair which appeared from behind a cap.

14. Do plaits

Winter - time to do a beautiful hair with braids. They are not rumpled under a cap and look very romantically. On the Internet there is a set of video tutorials which quite clear explain how to braid a beautiful braid.

15. Look for an alternative to a cap

The last and, perhaps, the most banal council: it is accurate to close the head a warm scarf. To the head it will not be cold, and the hairstyle will remain in the original form. However in severe frosts such alternative to a cap will not save.

Here it is possible to carry bandages, earphones and berets: laying will remain, but there is a risk to freeze.

And you wear a cap in the winter?

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