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Published: 23.4.2018
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We asked our readers on social networks about good deeds which they made in recent days. Or shared the ideas of pleasant acts which would like to make. We share with you the list of good deeds. Choose any and give kindly to people around!

Yesterday removed a kitten from a tree and went then with a happy smile))

Once the man in the minibus allowed me to take a bouquet of flowers because there was a crush, and then urgently left and forgot them. I got off with flowers at the next stop, returned back that to find it. Also saw huge crowd of people, it was day of adoption of the oath of pupils of academy. And I understood that to find it is simply unreal. I went mines 10 among people and when absolutely despaired, saw opposite this man  it appeared, he hurried to the daughter on the oath and managed to buy a new bouquet already.  so it had two bouquets for a congratulation) Like to remember very much this case))

I send to mother post cards from business trips and after a Palm Sunday we collect verbochka at the family and on the street we grow up roots and we sit down

Somehow time I was caught in a pouring rain after work. I with myself had no umbrella, and the rain did not cease. I needed to reach the bus stop, but I did not manage to cross the road, on the traffic light red light lit up. "Well everything, I will be dripping wet now" - I thought. And suddenly over my head there is an umbrella, I turn the head and I see the darling, the smiling girl. It was very unexpected and pleasant. I thanked the rescuer, and she asked me where I go and brought to a stop though a little not on the way was it. Still I remember it with heat. Unfortunately, I became puzzled and did not even ask her name, only thanked all road. But I believe that the good to it returned a boomerang in a much bigger size.

In the yard there live two cats who adore me. And I them) Called them Chuk and Gek. I feed, I iron. It is so much mutual happiness) Thought that only I feed them until I saw once the granny who brought them food (sour cream, myasko - all as it is necessary)). To me it is warm from it. Warmly, because there is a good. She is very grateful to people who help animals.

Did repair in the parental apartment few years ago. Things which we do not carry and also gave old furniture to persons in need, divided jewelry and the youthful collection of figurines between schoolgirls, and washed soft toys and carried in orphanage.

Warmly at heart do me every minute rushes. Here I went to the Toy Store behind a posudka, poput came, and then went and bought pie and cupcake and having eaten pie, I remembered the grandmother who stood near shop, returned and treated her. Also it became so good. It is good when I come to the schoolgirl and my words instill in her inspiration and confidence.

Yesterday stood in a queue at the checkout of supermarket only with one purchase. Suddenly the family before me suggested to pass in turn them forward. Unexpected trifle, and such pleasant))

I went to study somehow in the university. When I came into the bus, noticed someone's student ID card at the driver's window. I looked narrowly and understood that it is the ticket of one of students of my higher education institution. Therefore told about it to the driver, and that handed me him that I gave him to that student. But I did not know that guy personally and therefore I needed to decide how to transfer this student's to him. I had two options: or I carry it in dean's office of its faculty, or I look for its page in social networks. I decided to try the second option. Typed in the search box his name of social network, and its page was at once highlighted. In the same day I wrote to it and told that I found its student's. As that guy was glad that his student's was! He told that he ceased already to hope to find him. As a result we agreed in the same day to be crossed at the university where I also gave him its student's. I want to tell that the same good was once done also to me when I lost my university admission. I went by the subway, and my admission dropped out of my pocket imperceptibly for me. In the same day the girl unfamiliar to me wrote to social networks to me that it found my admission in that car and is ready to give me him. I was very glad to such message. Just next day we were crossed, she transferred me my admission, and I in reply symbolically thanked her small box of chocolates. Here such history of circulation of good in society

The other day I went along the street and saw from far away as at the running baby (I assume, the preschool child) the Folder with notebooks, and so dropped out of a bag when I lifted this folder, he already too far escaped, it was necessary to catch up meters 200 in a hurry. sweated, but it was happy))

Olga Stepanova

sometimes I feed birdies and / d doggies, I transfer money on, kindly,

Last week referred bound files of magazines about pregnancy, motherhood and kids in the nearest library. And several packages of things in church. And on December 31 last year left on a bench in the yard a box of chocolates with a note with congratulations. I hope, to someone it was tasty to spend old year)))

Today the janitor unfamiliar to me seeing that I with a carriage approach a snowdrift, and it will obviously be hard for me to overcome it, cleared away to me a way. It was very pleasant that showed attentiveness)

For me it is always pleasant to do small-big things: to give way in transport, to offer a hand, to lift from a floor, to hold a door, to smile. We moved with the husband to others country and here many foreign people surprised with the help and support

I somehow at the crack of dawn left the house. Darkly, cold, the car is covered with snow. Rather strong such snowdrift, generally. And near my car the unfamiliar man cleaned the. And so far I dopletsya to the car and brought her, it turned to my machine and fast scattered from it snow. I would potter with it longer. It was unexpected and very pleasant)

Irina Pavlova

to support a door for going behind in a front door, to the subway; to greet neighbors. many do not do, and it is very strange

and I remember how I tried to leave home the village where there lived the grandmother, and at the station found out that ten rubles are not enough, approached cash desk, began to recalculate and the grandfather standing nearby without words helped. he was very warm and grateful

and I help to read to grandmothers in the five structures and dates all the time)) they are always so grateful and lovely))

Anna Varitskaya

To us with kids constantly keep doors in shop, in the market of children treat with bananas, the MYTH at the order of books always gives small gifts and the letter, smiles and kisses of children - it in general is mega kind:), places concede if to go by public transport, children treat mother with candies:) - the dobra near is a lot of:)

oh! Recently it became so warm at heart: I go along the street, ahead - a huge pool and the approaching bus. Well, I think, everything, will pour now! I recede a step backwards with horror on a face)) the Driver saw also me, and the horror, and braked, having accurately passed, and I began to smile)))

I periodically give good clothes from which my oldest daughter in our local charitable organization already grew up, and after I already several times saw photos in a social network of the girl which has mother with a cerebral palsy and epilepsy, and there is no father, in some of these things is as a balm for the soul. I rejoice almost to tears)) were useful to someone

I remember, about two years ago, came back home late; winter, a frost and fatigue - not to pleasant things whether you know. And on the way I meet the man of years of 50, not most decent properties, with a cane in one hand (the truth, more similar to a stick) and a potato sack in another, asked for me ten rubles. I, without hesitation, scared up on corn bins even 20 and handed them to the man for what that awarded me with the most pleasant poem touching up to the sincere depths. After that he told about himself and the destiny: this person was the former professor of philosophical faculty at our institute; but the tragic turn in its destiny changed his life. After this case I was even more claimed in belief that the appearance happens oh as it is deceptive and still, I smile to everyone who will meet to me, having lightened thereby the mood to both myself and those who are near 

I the other day wore a lyalechka on hands, shook while her mother chose footwear in shop. My already very heavy)))

I help people who do not know how to reach the destination. Noticed that they are often ignored. Well, and surely I do to all family and friends gifts on NG. From it very warmly at heart!

This morning the man left an entrance together with me. And I in hands had a sledge, the child and two huge packages of garbage. He suggested to throw out garbage for me. Very unexpectedly and pleasantly. And it is pleasant to me to give gifts to those who is not able to afford it to buy.

Eseniya Vesennyaya

Accidents of virtue are not accidental. Are unexpected and especially pleasant!

To us in an entrance threw a kitten. Could not pass by, took home. On my birthday the grown kitty presented to me kittens. Kept one kitten together with a cat (gave the second to acquaintances).

Today returned from Kiev, carried home the winter things. On bus station heard as the homeless elderly woman with bitterness told some man that legs, and here dutik to it very much freeze. I asked what size at it. It appeared, mine. Got from a bag of a dutika and told supposedly go, put. Woman shocked, happiness indescribable. Told that very much froze and it was already going to go to be hung up. Worked all life in the cowshed in other city, arrived here to a funeral, robbed.» was a person, and became бомжом». Both cried. Still gave it a sviterok and treated with a bananchik. Nazhelala to me I booze all good and to my bus waved with a hand in a trace. I am very glad that could though a little to help.

I like to smile to people, to look in the face and it is polite, courteous to address them, always to say goodbye to a smile)) People blossom from such things)

Tomorrow I go to the distribution center to children who for various reasons were left without parents, to provide a game training about love to myself and the world. Very important for me that they were happy in spite of the fact that happens to them in life. And for me always joy when even the stranger smiles to me on the street!

Pleases when people on kind belong to each other. When hold a door, give way in public transport, tell thanks, etc. I like to care for friends and relatives, and I appreciate when care for me.

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