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Published: 11.9.2018
acute and chronic stress: 7 advice which will help to cope with it

Stress & #8212; it is widespread reaction of an organism to a difficult situation. The stress can be caused by a set of various factors therefore it is important to learn to cope with it quickly.

The stress can provoke problems with health and have negative effect on our professional, social and personal duties. To facilitate to you life, in this article we will tell about 7 easy and effective ways which will help to cope with a stress.

It is normal physical and psychological reaction to any pleasant and unpleasant life situations, for example, new work, loss of the loved one, dismissal or a divorce.

When the signal of threat comes to a brain, in a body hormones which help an organism to cope with it are released. When the danger disappears, the body uses the released hormones for rebalancing

Unfortunately, because of a constant stress our organism is forced to produce constantly stimulating hormones that can cause problems with health.

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Attacks of acute stress are most strongly widespread. It excites us in small doses emotionally, but in large numbers strongly exhausts.

This type of a stress is most often connected with the psychological pressure of the past and the overestimated expectations from the near future.

This stress is usually connected with the disordered life. It often affects people with foolish character who are easily excited, often are angry, irritated, worry and test tension.

Their relations with other people often leave much to be desired, and a situation at work also very stressful.

Chronic stress

The chronic stress tires and exhausts the person. If the person constantly has a stress, his body, the brain and life collapse. This type of a stress is connected with traumatic memoirs and experiences of the childhood which strongly and deeply influence the personality.

When the person cannot find the solution of any problem, he continues to suffer from a stress before the last fatal nervous crisis.

Symptoms: Grustpristupa gnevasuitsidalny myslipostoyanny bespokoystvobessonnitsatrudnost with koncentratsiyeyseksualny a rasstroystvakonfliktyneuverennost in seberazocharovaniyeplokhy progress in study or in rabotegolovny bolyagressiyabol or tension in muscles of a neck and a spinytoshnotatakhikardiyaoslozhneniye of chronic diseases, such as cancer and diabetvozniknoveniye or exacerbation of gastritis, stomach ulcer and zaporanaturalny means which will save from stressanasty leaves of bitter orange

It possesses the calming and spazmolitichesky action. Reduces muscular tension and works as a lung sedative.

It contains a powerful adaptogen which allows an organism to reach the maximum intellectual, physical and professional working capacity. You can chew 12 leaves of a basil every day or prepare infusion according to our recipe.

It is required to you: 1 tablespoon of leaves of a basil (10 g) 1 cup of water (250 ml) Way of preparation: Bring water to boiling and add to it a tablespoon of leaves of a basil. Leave liquid to infuse for 10 minutes, filter and drink. Melissa infusion

You can train him completely to get rid of stress symptoms.

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7 practical advice which will help to reduce stress level

Find the quiet quiet place far from irritants and chaos of everyday life when you can stay alone with yourself to concentrate on relaxation.

Listen to the song by the favourite musician, relax and feel how tension recedes.

Walks, jogs or team games improve our physical state and stimulate work of a brain.

There are researches which show that intake of alcoholic beverages allows to strengthen stress symptoms therefore we recommend to reduce its consumption.

When the person suffers from problems with a stress, he begins to overeat that he not only does not solve a problem, but also turns into a peculiar entertainment. Adhere to a healthy diet which will allow you to remain in shape.

The qualitative dream is vital for a healthy lifestyle, its shortcoming provokes decrease in intellectual working capacity, leads to loss of memory and bad concentration.

It is one of the nicest and effective views of therapy for stress relief.

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