of 8 problems with health which can arise if to sleep with the wet head, secrets

Published: 17.4.2019
8 problems with health which can arise if to sleep with the wet head

To take a shower before going to bed & #8212; it is a fine habit which helps to relax a body and to reach the best sleep quality. The evening shower removes the muscular stress and a stress which usually collects after end of the wearisome working day.

Nevertheless, be careful: to sleep with wet hair & #8212; means to subject itself to development of some problems with health.

At first sight, it is absolutely harmless, but day after day the negative effect collects and it can result in undesirable effect at the capillary level and also in muscles and in reaction of the immune system.

Considering that many of us do not even suspect about such consequences, we want to tell in detail, than it is so dangerous to sleep with wet hair.

1. Headache

The frequent dream with wet hair can cause regular and severe headaches as moisture causes sudden temperature change of a body.

The problem can be even more complicated if you have a bad habit to sleep with the head which is wrapped up in a towel as it holds moisture even longer.

This situation has negative effect on blood circulation in head skin and increases tension which causes the pain preventing you to sleep.

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If you care for preservation of strong and healthy hair, you should avoid a bad habit to sleep with wet hair.

Moist hair are torn easier, and gradually it does them weaker.

3. Skin infections

Moist hair increase during sleep risk of developing of infections of skin as microorganisms love moisture, it is the ideal environment for their reproduction.

At night hair do not manage to dry completely, and heat is added to a damp pillow that creates an ideal environment for development of fungi and bacteria.

As a result, you can have various skin diseases.

Fungi which breed on skin because of wet hair can cause hypostasis and an itch, even after their drying.

This symptom can periodically be shown, and several days that symptoms disappeared, especially if not to treat this problem properly often are required.

5. Allergy and colds

Temperature change of a body, arising during sleep with wet hair can weaken the immune system and cause such problems as an allergy and cold.

As moisture remains several hours, protective mechanisms weaken and miss the attacks of pathogenic viruses and bacteria.

Moisture keeps in hair within several hours while you sleep and, as a rule, it increases a tendency to the fat content of hair.

As a result, even right after washing hair look dim, grease and untidy.

7. Muscle pain

Though this symptom can be caused by several factors, it is possible that moisture in hair can become a trigger.

Temperature change which happens because of wet hair besides difficulties of blood circulation, generates a muscular spasm and tension.

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These small scales which force even fresh-washed hair to look untidy can be caused by mushrooms which breed in head skin because you sleep with wet hair.

Of course, there are many other reasons of appearance of dandruff, but the addiction to sleep with the wet head increases risk of development many times.

It happens because of the imbalance caused in capillaries which generates the ideal environment for growth of these microorganisms.

All these problems with health, as a rule, occur if you had a habit to sleep with wet hair every day.

Do you often go to sleep with wet hair? Now, when you know all possible consequences, try to avoid this addiction even if you never tested similar problems.

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