of 9 modern animals which existed at dinosaurs, amusing

Published: 5.5.2018
9 modern animals who existed at dinosaurs

In days of old life of people was incredibly difficult. They were constantly pursued by natural cataclysms and huge predators! Only present storms and floods of that time! The modern person being heavy to believe in it, but then dinosaurs were huge fear of people. Now we taught to control the nature, and dinosaurs simply died out. There were only their skeletons in the museums and mentions of them in movies and encyclopedias, but the fact of their existence is completely proved.

But suddenly dinosaurs did not leave for good in eternity? It turns out that indeed! Presently there were ancestors of dinosaurs who pursue mankind since those times! It is difficult to believe, but some animals who surround us appeared hundreds millions years ago at dinosaurs. 9 modern animals who existed at dinosaurs. Only look at this huge fish and a toothy alligator! Surprisingly, these types did not die out as their ancestors yet.

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