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Published: 3.10.2018
thrombosis and an embolism: 9 products which will help to prevent them

Thrombosis and embolism & #8212; very dangerous pathological states connected with obstruction of a blood vessel which threaten human life.

At thrombosis in veins or arteries blood clots are formed, the embolism results & #171; миграции» blood clot on a blood system and obstruction of one of vessels. Under such threat constantly there are, for example, people having a varicosity.

What it is possible to make to prevent such dangerous succession of events? It is clear, that nobody can for 100% & #171; застраховать» ourselves from one disease, but by means of a healthy lifestyle we can reduce the probability of their emergence considerably.

We can always change our habits. If, say, we in a sort have patients with thrombosis, we can & #8212; also have to! & #8212; to care especially for the health, to watch food and to lead enough active lifestyle.

We will tell about risk factors of emergence of such states as thrombosis and an embolism and about products which should be used to avoid troubles.

Why there is thrombosis and an embolism?

It is impossible to mark out only one cause of these pathological states. Here several factors connected with our way of life, genetic features and also with other diseases which we can have work:

Of course, not all from these factors it is possible to exclude from the life. But, for example, pregnancy or the raised cholesterol do not mean that such diagnoses as thrombosis and an embolism surely will concern us.

Such risk is, but there is no situation & #171; причина-результат».

We will specify difference between thrombosis and an embolism:

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What products will help us to prevent thrombosis and an embolism?

We more than once told about advantage of a lemon. Many know that it strengthens the immune system, helps to bring toxins out of an organism and to neutralize action of free radicals.

But whether you know that the lemon improves blood circulation and increases development of red blood cells?

Therefore try to have a glass of lemon juice every day. They can season salads also.

Eat at least 1 garlic glove a day.

It is rich allitsiny & #8212; enzyme which improves a condition of a cardiovascular system and the immune system. Garlic prevents formation of blood clots.

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Very much we recommend to prepare boiled artichokes for a dinner. If to add to them it is a little vinegar, olive oil and a lemon, just wonderful dish will turn out!

Eat this tasty vegetable regularly, then thrombosis and an embolism to you will not be terrible!

The celery is rich with the antioxidants and vitamins regulating arterial blood pressure.

One of the best natural means for improvement of blood circulation & #8212; it is, undoubtedly, bilberry. It also interferes with formation of blood clots.

It is possible to drink bilberry juice, and it is possible to eat dried and even frozen (if there is no fresh) bilberry.

8. Red wine

Drink a glass of red wine in day to reduce risk of developing of heart attack or thrombosis.

It is necessary to drink this drink moderately if you want to receive from it the maximum advantage.

Carrots & #8212; just wonderful vegetable. It refreshes, it has very pleasant taste, it can be combined practically with any products and also it helps to prevent thrombosis and an embolism.

It occurs thanks to the fact that it contains a lot of beta carotene. This fat-soluble vitamin is useful to heart and it normalizes cholesterol level in blood.

How you look at from now on to include in the diet more than these products? It not only is desirable, but it is just necessary: it is about your health.

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