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Published: 1.11.2017
forex, Forex, trader, trading, rating of brokers Forex of masterforex-v academy, gold

The prices of precious metals in 11 years grew to the maximum mark. It is worth reminding that gold ounce cost at the beginning of 2011 was 1495 dollars while the end of the year was marked by the 12% growth of metal. So, the price tag of the designated volume in the last December day was equal to 1566 dollars. The market Volantilnost last year subdued unknown heights, having exceeded a mark of 1920 US dollars for ounce. Two last quarters of the left year showed that today gold is quite risky asset which is characterized by a high volantilnost.

Having remembered history, we will note that 80 years ago when the price tag of gold made 20 dollars for ounce, it always grew though it is not necessary to speak about stability. As for 2012, experts believe that the price of metals will be influenced by factors from which the decision of FTS and the next plan for priming of economy of the USA on a reprint of dollars will become the main thing (this plan is called still quantitative easing). However, if it does not come true, the U.S. dollar will not become cheaper, the t.e its value will only increase. Therefore the gold estimated in the American currency will begin to lose value. Certainly, will correct the price tag and debt crisis of the eurozone capable to increase its cost to 1900 dollars for standard volume. In addition, the contribution to pricing will be made also by citizens who prefer to store savings in gold in recent years.

Analysts of Academy of Forex and exchange trade of Masterforex-V claim that almost 11-year bull trend in the "gold" market is connected mainly with activity of the investment funds accumulating precious metals in physical shape. End of a trend can be expected when investment funds begin selling of metal. It is possible to give as a living example "SPDR Gold" which sold 40 tons of gold then price tags began to fall on it in December. And nevertheless, what forecasts for precious metal for 2012?

According to the famous economists, financiers and experts cost gold can be equal 1450-1500 dollars for ounce in the first half of this year. However, numismatists together with monetary dealers consider that by the end of the first quarter the price tag can already reach 1759 dollars. Approximately also BNP Paribas whose experts believe that the average price this year will be equal 1775 dollars for ounce holds the same opinion. Brighter future to precious metal is predicted by Morgan Stanley, claiming that gold in 2012 can quite reach peak in 2200 dollars. Goldman Sachs puts forward more modest forecast of average metal price - 1810 dollars. Forecasts as it is possible to notice, differ a little, however the fact that price of gold will continue growth is obvious to all.

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