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Published: 19.12.2018
 jewelry of rose quartz

The rare woman remains indifferent to gemstones. Besides, the love to jewelry at her wakes up in the early childhood when family jewelry are secretly taken from a mother's casket, and in the same way, in a deep secret, are tried on and combined with dresses. Rubies, diamonds, sapphires Е

They will be not in each family, and here products from rose quartz - frequent guests of users of the middle class because this stone belongs to the category semiprecious though it does not affect its external data, medical in any way, and even magic properties.

Rose quartz happens three versions:

The first is considered the most unusual and expensive as after the corresponding facet in it the star about six beams "lights up" as it happens to sapphires or diamonds.

The large pink stone meets rather seldom, and that only on the Brazilian fields. Most often it is found in large crystals or in the form of a scattering of the small stones suitable for mass jewelry or exclusive hand-made articles.

It is worth noticing that similar mineral is applied not only in the jewelry industry. From it collect the whole panels and form the Florentine mosaic, put in order in precious metals, attract to production of small thematic figures, charms and other.

Litoterapiya calls this almost gemstone the source of longevity and good health possessing rather strong power and capable to cure not only a body, but also spirit of the person. According to adherents of a litoterapiya, rose quartz helps to cure male powerlessness, diseases "in a feminine way" and pathologies of kidneys, to remove hypostases and to purify blood, to improve health at diabetes and inflammation of a pancreas.

Quartz has ability to affect well a state and work of a cardiac muscle, helps to be restored rather after the postponed heart attack and a strong nervous shock.

To eliminate night alarms and fears, it is enough to put a stone under a pillow that will save at the same time from hyper excitability, nervoz and a depression.

Rose quartz is recommended to be carried at such diseases of skeletal system as: joint pains, rheumatism or the rehabilitation period after changes. As a mascot or the massager, the stone is excellent at skin rashes, bruises or warts.

If your activity is directly connected with computers, then the figure and this semiprecious mineral will protect from harmful radiation, and will interfere with fatigue accumulation.

It is worth noticing that jewelry of rose quartz is ordered to people with tumors and other kind or malignant new growths. Under its influence, they will gradually increase.

As well as all to a floor - and completely precious stones, quartz has the magic abilities to which the following belongs:

Rings or earrings with rose quartz - a great option for the women belonging to a tsvetotip "Summer".

In particular, products with such stone perfectly look on platinum blondes whereas it is better for brunettes to choose a pendant or a bracelet from the rose quartz having a reddish outflow.

It is better for the ladies belonging to a tsvetotip "winter" to stop the choice on a stone which by nature has a bright pink color with a lilac outflow.

Astrologers are convinced that with rose quartz the representative practically of any zodiac constellation can carry a ring, but the maximum advantage of it will be received only by Aquarius.

The women belonging to this sign will find full peace of mind whereas men get success in a professional field.

If to speak about that, it is how exactly correct to carry rose quartz, then it is possible to tell the following: jewelry with it needs to be taken off for the night and not to carry continuously. It is recommended to carry products before receiving from them the necessary effect then to hide far away from others eyes.

You remember even if the stone suits you for all 100%, it does not mean at all that it cannot do harm.

In a case with quartz it can be shown in the form of full transition to the world of illusions, or absolute and unreasonable optimism.

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