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Published: 11.8.2018
 of questions, than my time

I spread the questions on personal finance and investment addressed to me. Unfortunately (or fortunately), many of them and will remain questions.

Because to receive from me the answer, it is not enough to ask the question only. This obligatory, but insufficient condition.

First, answers to similar questions are already given by me and posted on this website (at the moment the educational portal "Alphabet of Money" contains more than 3 thousand articles) - find them, read and apply.

Secondly, watch on my YOUTUBE channel videos of my seminars (at the moment, about 2 million viewings of my 700 videos). You, for certain, will find the answer to the question in these videos.

Thirdly to receive the personal answer to the question, SUBMIT the APPLICATION FOR my INDIVIDUAL CONSULTATION on personal finance and investment.

Fourthly, order on OZONE any of my books - there the sea of information (my thickest book consists of 800 pages). Books are paper, is electronic - for downloading

I spread the questions received by me (whether you recognize yourself in the described situations?):

Question: How what actions to force itself to pay attention to money and the budget? I am engaged in anything, but not earning money. Since the childhood went that it is not necessary to think of money, they will come. Such philosophy for today already created financial problems: debts, the credits and they do not decrease. Svetlana

Question: made a renovation in the one-room apartment and offered for sale for 2700 thousand rubles

To invest money from sale:

1) to buy three killed gostinka on 800 thousand rubles, to make in them a renovation on 100 thousand rubles and to offer for sale everyone on 1300 thousand rubles. And so around - in fact, this investment in business or in active investments

2) to buy index PIFOF and not to take a steam bath and live quietly - it is passive investments

Alexander, here I cannot be inclined or in this or that party.

As the third option: to buy two gostinka and for the rest of index mutual funds. And if to buy index mutual funds, then there is no sense in rebalancing or nevertheless to buy mutual fund of actions, mutual fund of bonds and compulsory health insurance in silver and once a year to do rebalancing with a dokladyvaniye of savings

Or it is possible to buy on IIS through ETFOV on gold, on the eurobond of the Russian issuers, on the stock of the Russian companies. And since they have among themselves a good correlation, it is possible to rebalance from year to year (well to overtake profitability of the index)

Generally, there is an indecision for my part concerning the strategy choice. Marat

Family of 3 people, in 4 years the son will graduate from school and by this moment the purpose - to create passive income in size 15t is put. river

For today situation following: it is saved up f. a pillow - 500 thousand rubles (will be enough approximately for a year), $3000 are saved up (by monthly purchase in a leak. 2 years), the brokerage account the capital sum - 103 thousand rubles Is opened for today (actions, bonds) and also IIS - $1000 (action) is open. I manage accounts itself while I study (1,5 years), but with results it is happy. Also there is compulsory health insurance silver 160gr - 5300 rubles

Before formed Fin. Entrance. Without. and questions did not arise what to do, and now I plan the following (with the first after the holiday zpl): to postpone monthly in three directions: 1) I continue to buy $ (the small sums), 2) I form a portfolio of bonds so that monthly to receive coupon payments, 3) I invest in actions for the purpose of increase in the capital. Whether on correct I ways? Natalya

Tell, please, how you consider if there are 4000 euros and 2 thousand dollars, in the form of bank notes of the house (the saved-up safety cushion) how to invest them (and whether it is worth doing it) to create income from investments on which it is possible to live?

I more than 10 years - the SP (MLM) and pension is smart - 10 thousand rubles. Maria

Situation is as follows: there is a financial pillow for 3 months (for 36% of $ and compulsory health insurance silver, 31% of А) all in deposits of Sberbank, there are no liabilities and there are no assets too any more. What to me to pay attention further to? Where to move? Reference points? Mikhail

With what low-risk tools it is better to begin investment? Whether it is worth putting in OneCoin? Irina

I am short of money, of work and in debts to banks. I study freelance, I take side jobs. To go to be employed as that there is no wish. As most most quickly and effectively to come to income about 40 thousand rubles a month (using freelance and side jobs, without dependence on the specific employer). Yaroslav

Where to invest the sum about 300 thousand rubles? Tatyana

I want to organize the business, but I do not know what to begin with. Where to take franchizes at the affordable price? At whom it is better to study? Sergey

8000 thousand of rubles pension, Vozrast47 of years. Vladimir

How to begin to invest? Whether there are reliable brokers? Karina

My situation. Was till 2008 a successful businessman and the investor to the real estate. Now rolled down objective and subjective circumstances in financial crisis. In 2014 the credits for business maintenance were taken, business became much less profitable. With great difficulty I stay afloat, the credits gradually decrease.

But me it is very heavy, constant alarm that everything absolutely will fail. It would be desirable will learn to work in this situation more effectively and to get out of a situation of financial instability rather. Elena

Only I begin to invest, interest mutual funds and investments in drags metal and also what to begin with if so far in means it is limited (I can invest the small sums). Irina


To receive the personal answer to the question, SUBMIT the APPLICATION FOR my INDIVIDUAL CONSULTATION on personal finance and investment.


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