of the Idea for business in Belarus from scratch, a selection

Published: 19.3.2018
 of the idea for business in Belarus from scratch

Before beginning the business in any country it is necessary to know some moments. Each country and each region differ in the requirements, legislative rules which are imposed on businessmen. And that in the future there were no undesirable situations and problems, it is necessary to study all this well. Specifically in this article it will be a question of Belarus.

Before it is worth mentioning that the relation to small business in Belarus good. In addition the state always encourages all who wish to open the business, providing various privileges. But the most important feature is the fact that in this country corruption is practically not observed. Therefore at decision-making officials rely on potential future idea business. That is what prospects at it as far as it is relevant and whether will be in great demand. And it can speak about much. And any businessman can be sure that will attentively listen to him and will help to adjust business.

Nobody will give any guarantees that business will be completely successful. That is it is necessary to weigh all risks well. Everything directly depends on approach to business, aspiration, desire to work, patience and some other personal qualities.

Big prospects can expect the businessman in the sphere of trade, mediation, a public catering. Here it is possible to find many interesting ideas which can involve attention from outside of local population.

Beginning the business, it is necessary to choose not only the relevant idea, but also to pay attention to the competition which has to be at the minimum level. No result will exist if to place the outlet near similar moreover and with inflated price. If it is not possible to avoid completely it, then it is worth looking for roundabout ways. For example, to provide better service, to offer the flexible systems of discounts (within limits), over time to expand the range and many other things.

In certain cases for opening of the business there are not enough certain skills or means, and the last most often. But it is possible to find some ideas for business from scratch in Belarus after all. It is worth trying in the sphere of construction and repair. It is worth noticing that construction is that sphere which will never lose the relevance. Were engaged in construction still B.C., are engaged in it and presently, it will actively develop and in the future. It also should be used. And if there are some corresponding skills, then business will go by itself further.

Options can be a little here:

It is possible to try to prove in the sphere of the industry, making essentials. It is necessary to calculate only correctly the forces and to choose that option which will bring good income. The option for beginners is a light industry as it is not necessary to buy the expensive equipment.

We recommend for acquaintance: how to start the business from scratch: the ideas without investments.

Before opening the cafe, it is necessary to study carefully a situation as of such institutions in any country and each city it is full. The most important to pick up the area where the competition is minimum. That is you should not open the institution near restaurant or other cafe. The competition will just cut business on a root. It is worth picking up some quiet place, but well visited.

As it was already told, in Belorussi the beginning businessmen are given support in a type of various privileges. Thus, problems at registration of the business should not be.

For any cafe the most important is a service. At high-quality service from clients there will be no release. Equivalently and vice versa - if at an institution bad service by any baits to entice clients it will not turn out.

It is necessary to solve whether there will be this small cafe where only coffee or tea of different grades with the small list of products will be offered visitors. Or this will be already small small restaurant where everyone can come and have a bite. Respectively here both the kitchen will be richer, and the range is wider. In the future it is possible to diversify dishes.

Such product as sunflower oil will be always demanded not only among housewives, but also among catering establishments. Production of canned food, confectionery does not do without it. Oil is successfully applied also in the industrial sphere at production of paints, varnishes. In the pharmaceutical sphere oil also finds broad application.

The idea given business is relevant for Belarus as it represents waste-free production. Even the peel from sunflower seeds is necessary raw materials for production fuel a pallet. And for many farmers it is an additional source of fertilizers. Cake and meal which are formed after an extraction of sunflower seeds are pressed and go as a nutritious and useful forage. Thus, it is possible not only to sell oil, but also to market the received useful waste. And it already significantly raises profit on production of oil.

Chips are the most popular product which is known since 1850. This product in America was born, and then its production was arranged in Great Britain. They are widespread not only in foreign countries, but also on domestic territories and the CIS. And thanks to emergence of various flavoring additives demand for such product repeatedly increased.

The production line for chips can consist from:

The desktop and some other service equipment is also necessary.

As for the room, everything depends on the power of the production line. If it small about 20 kg/h, then approaches the room of 55 sq.m, but not less. The warehouse (about 25 sq.m) is also necessary. Respectively at the bigger power also big rooms up to 140 sq.m for production are necessary and to 50 sq.m for storage of products.

As for personnel, for work on the minimum line three people will be enough. With a bigger productivity not less than 4 people are necessary. The technologist for service of the line, the warehouse worker, the electrician, the head is in addition necessary. If necessary one person can carry out several duties.

Quite good business the idea with the minimum investments can be connected with needlework or production of any goods the hands. Most of women of Belarus begin to enter business from creative work. Such business is based on production of some products manually. Manual work, in particular qualitative, is always highly appreciated.

It is possible to be engaged, for example, in production of jewelry of various material. Polymer clay from which products can be burned then in the oven is mainly used. Besides that to ornament become manual work, each of them is original. One person can even make the same jewelry differently. That is can add some new detail of which earlier and did not think. Thus, work of the master is improved over time.

With obvious skills of drawing, it is possible to draw portraits and landscapes. But here it is necessary to be the master differently you will not earn much. It is much more interesting to make color stained-glass windows which can approach both windows, and doors. Also painting on ceilings and walls is of interest. In this sphere not so there is a lot of experts, and here demand will be, more than enough. Therefore it is worth developing in this direction. Who knows, over time it can be possible to open quite good firm with a certain direction in design.

One more good idea is connected with food product too and consists in production of sour cream. This product represents high value at the expense of content of fats of proteins in it and other useful components.

The range of sour cream differs among themselves on fat content:

In most cases sour cream is produced with 15, 20, 25 percentage of fat.

Now it is possible to produce sour cream not only from fresh cream, but also dry, frozen, plastic and also from the powdered fat-free whole milk. However at the same time the consistence, taste and a smell of the final product can differ from natural.

For receiving quality sour cream it is important to choose the correct mode of pasteurization. Temperature of process depends on degree of fat content of cream. Only this way it is possible to receive necessary consistence of a product with characteristic taste of cream.

Zaklyucheniyeeto not all ideas with which it is possible to arm. It is necessary to look narrowly attentively at what is not enough for people now and to work in this direction. And the result will not keep itself waiting long.

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