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Published: 3.2.2018
the most beautiful places of Russia: the ideas of routes for tourists

Russia is the country which really is what to be proud! Not only the nature, but also the architectural constructions located in its territory are capable to make unforgettable impressions on the person! Also it is almost impossible to choose the most beautiful places of Russia, for each its inhabitant they will be, individual. But one is known precisely: travel over this country will leave nobody indifferent at all!

Russia is huge and still is almost not studied, here it is possible to meet everything and even more: the wild areas which were not seeing a leg of the person, northern snow-covered areas, the real deserts with tons of sand and another is much. The city architecture is various and attractive and sometimes surpasses beauty of the European capitals.

Probably, it is impossible to allocate 10 most beautiful places in Russia. The TOP 10 - too small rating for such immense and picturesque territories. But some places need to be mentioned in Russia which should be visited to everyone. We will also make it in this article.

Travel across Russia, especially by its central part, allow to meet a huge number of monuments of architecture. Sometimes the whole cities become objects of attention not only local, but also foreign tourists.

Among a set of beautiful places of Russia enjoy special popularity:

The beautiful cities and architectural objects in Russia it is possible to meet a lot. It and Catherine II's Palace in Tsarskoye Selo, both the Kazan Qol Sharif mosque, and the Swallow's nest in the Crimea, the falling Nevyansky tower in Sverdlovsk region - it is possible to list infinitely long! But there is also a mass of natural objects, worthy to be called as the most beautiful places in the country and obligatory for visit during the travel on the Russian open spaces.

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