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Published: 11.3.2018
 strips on nails

Today elaborate and difficult drawings on nails look is irrelevant. Professionals recommend to decorate the marigold with simple patterns and what can be simpler, than a strip? Manicure with strips is a hit of a season spring-summer 2015. We offer you several step-by-step schemes of performance such neyl design and we will tell how to make strips on nails accurately and quickly.

With strips any girl in house conditions independently will be able to execute manicure. For this purpose you will need the following neyl-materials and tools:

Creating design of nails in a strip, you can trust in the imagination completely. Use harmoniously combined shades and you remember that horizontal cross strips on nails will visually make a plate wider, and vertical longitudinal - is longer. The most successful combinations of flowers: white-blue sea strip, black-and-white classics, mint-white Tiffany Style. The most relevant duets in this season: claret with beige, gray with lime, emerald with olive. To pick up & #8220; дружащие” among themselves two and more shades, use a color spectral circle, combining opposite located colors. We offer you several step-by-step schemes, perhaps, they will become for you inspiring.

To execute strips on nails, the special adhesive tape for manicure is most often used. This easiest and fast way will provide you faultlessly equal strips on nails. Color scale of material very wide, tapes are glossy and holographic, you with ease will pick up a necessary shade for the conceived design. The cost of the film about 100 rubles so it is necessary to get such material for the neyl-art express. To execute sea nail art, you will need white and dark blue varnish, a tape of any color. Step by step strips on nails are created by a tape so:

Our sea neyl the art is ready. If such manicure seemed to you too simple, you can complement it with silvery shimmerny varnish. Apply with a thin brush a shimmer on 2 white strips on a marigold of a middle and ring finger.

We suggest you to execute the following design of nails in a strip by means of a foil for manicure. This nail art will become ideal addition of any evening image, having made your handles smart. The foil is not translated and translated. The second option is more practical and the result will look accurater. For such manicure we suggest you to choose as classical for Baroque style and so relevant this year claret and gold color. It will be required to you: claret varnish, a gold translated foil, glue for a foil, a thin brush, cuticle scissors and a colourless top. Step-by-step instruction following:

Thickness and quantity of strips, their arrangement on certain fingers or on all marigold can make this neyl an art absolutely another. Experiment!

Manicure with strips according to this scheme will be suitable for daily socks, it will perfectly fit into juicy summer look. Execute longitudinal strips on nails by means of bright varnishes of neon flowers the hands and this summer you will be irresistible. In design it is possible to use only 2 bright coverings, and it is possible to create on each nail the striped drawing different shades of one color, having received as a result the real neon explosion.

We offer the simple instruction which will help you to make such striped manicure to itself. You will need 4 shades of bright varnishes, a wide adhesive tape for manicure (it is possible to use a usual adhesive tape on a paper basis), a top. Now step by step:

Striped neyl the design for bright girls is ready! Experiment with color combinations and your manicure will not remain unnoticed.

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