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Published: 15.6.2019

Earlier this month the South Korean company LG announced the new 18-inch flexible and transparent OLED display. And the other day the company decided to show the new flexible display in operation.

On the first video it is possible to see a prototype of the TV of LG using the flexible and transparent OLED display below. On video it is accurately visible that the display really transparent.

On the second video it is shown how this display can be bent and how flexible can be devices on its basis. The new display without problems is displaced in a tubule with a diameter about three centimeters.

We will remind that in plans of the South Korean company LG there is also a release of 60-inch flexible and transparent TVs which it is going to start for the market by 2017. These models of TVs will offer UHD permission (it 4K). At the moment the 18-inch flexible and transparent display can output the picture in resolution of 1200 x 810 pixels.

Besides use of similar displays in the future TVs, the company can also decide to use flexible displays and in other devices. It should be noted that in the market there is already a smartphone from LG (Flex) having the flexible display.

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