of WikiLeaks lost access to the major cryptocurrency account, interesting

Published: 9.6.2018
WikiLeaks lost access to the major cryptocurrency account

At WikiLeaks not the best week and it to put it mildly was. One of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges Coinbase closed the account WikiLeaks Shop for alleged violation of conditions of use of service of the exchange. In other words, the website specializing in collecting leaks just lost an opportunity to convert payments in bitcoins into usual fiat money. Though Coinbase does not specify (and will not be) the exact reasons as it has such right, everything indicates its legal regulations which work in consent with the American department on fight against financial crimes.

It does not prevent WikiLeaks to accept cryptocurrencies, however significantly narrows a circle of opportunities of transformation them in money. The website should look for an alternative if it wants to continue to receive digital money from the buyers buying shirts and coffee cups. It is no wonder that the organization shocked and calls for "global blockade" of Coinbse, claiming that the exchange reacts to "the hidden influence".

As Andreas Antonopulos, the famous evangelist of Bitcoin, and The Verge note, there is an irony: WikiLeaks began to accept cryptocurrencies in 2010 to avoid usual payment services to which to it turned off access. And cryptocurrency formats like bitcoins cannot be disconnected. However regulators have the point of view in this respect. WikiLeaks can not be the warm and fuzzy website, but the policy of Coinbase is contrary to the standard perception of cryptocurrencies, their democratic character and availability to all.

Meanwhile, demand for experts in the field of a blockchain grows and doubled since the beginning of year.

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