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Published: 15.10.2018
your council is necessary

In a predveriya of a remarkable men's holiday - on February 23 - decided to give you on the mountain the mass of materials!

First, for those who wanted long ago, but could not afford it. Now about money on only 300 - PRESS all HERE and take away while there a watch ticks.

Secondly, tell for what many of us regularly goes to various Conferences and trainings? Of course, for obtaining useful knowledge and for acquaintance to the necessary people.

That it was easier for you to meet new people, I prepared "TEN ADVICE" which will help you to meet new people at conferences and to agree with them about joint projects

Thirdly, your council is very necessary - how to help the young man from Belarus - he absolutely got confused and lost everything.

Write in comments on THIS ARTICLE - kind of you came to its situations? There are already Five good recommendations therefore read them and add the

Fourthly, for those who wants to go with me to Prague at the beginning of April - for you my astounding video walk across Prague. Look right now!


and a cheerful task for the weekend - you look and repeat - I wait for your response videos (leave references to them in comments on this article)

Good to you days off!

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