Secrets: a parting word to the son abated for the son

Published: 15.11.2018
parting word to the son abated for the son

Parting word to the son. Competition of Articles No. 70

Oh! A small parcel, Are open glazakto it? My son? Who told it?

How all this is strange, But is very good, Well as, you in a hand will not take it?

And there was all that, in a New Year's thought of night & #8211; the son not badly, But is better the daughter! Since then flew by As birds, & #8211; godata ours grew up boys with us vsegdaposlushny, attentive As to order! Long ago I do not regret that not the daughter at us!

Today in yours I want a denye pozhelatyogromny schastyavo all & #8220;“ак держать!”

Let it is light and radostenbudt your way! Where there were parents you do not forget!

Kislyuk Ira Isayevnanaputstviye to the son. A competition of Articles No. 70


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