Secrets: the letter of September for favourite readers

Published: 23.6.2019
the letter of September for favourite readers

We publish the text of the letter which is received by all buyers of paper books of the MYTH in September, 2018. Wrote it, as always, with great love. We hope, you felt it.

Hi, reader.

In the summer we wrote you letters from the Baltic Sea, shared in the blog the most unusual places for a holiday, investigated secret corners of Thailand. Fall - time to come back home.

No, we not parking a suitcase under a bed (ahead the velvet season, and there and New Year's holidays not far off). We making a pause. To remember who we are and where we are.

It is important. Everything that we do, reflects what we. We in the MYTH like to say: at first "who", then "that". People it is more important than processes.

If we want to come somewhere, the first step - to understand where we now. To note a point on the map. Without it you will not construct any route. To get to the desired future, it is necessary to lean on the one who we are such - today.

Find minute - look in a mirror. Draw a self-portrait. Write several lines in the diary. Re-read the titles of books which stand on your shelf (and lie in this parcel) is an effective way to understand something about itself.

Make this trip. Also it is possible to move further.

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