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Published: 19.11.2017
what is acclimatization: symptoms, the causes, an opportunity to facilitate a state

In cold season so there is a wish to get warm on the hot sun and to swim in the sea. Now such opportunity appeared even at families state employees - to acquire the permit to the hot country not so expensively, especially when the holiday falls on unpopular time - does not coincide with summer and possible holidays.

The anticipation of pleasant rest does not come true. In 2-3 days someone from family gets sick - and, most often are children. Adults test an indisposition too, but explain it with nervousness, fatigue, concern for children and change of time zones. Adults are perplexed where they managed to catch an infection? Meanwhile it is not a disease yet. So there takes place acclimatization - the organism adapts to new climate.

Acclimatization symptoms really remind the beginning of a bacterial infection and at children are more expressed, than at adults.

Adaptation symptoms in many respects depend on the immune status of the person, his age, the general state of health, individual reactions of an organism.

Adults and children on accustoming to new conditions need not less than 10-14 days - unfortunately, they are absent as permits are usually acquired for 7-10 days. For this reason doctors do not advise with children whose age is younger than 3 years, "to dart off" for a short time and their messages "to bathe" in conditions of a different climate. Adaptation at kids takes place hard and risk to catch a "local" infection at the organism weakened by adaptation increases.

To little children all the same where to float - at the sea or in the heated-up inflatable pool on the bank of the local small river. If the permit is calculated on short term, it is better not to take children with itself.

Acclimatization symptoms at children and adults in many respects differ. Adults after arrival into place have a temporary fatigue, digestion falls apart.

In 1-2 days the state sharply changes - there is desire to move, at the same time they begin to test a general malaise. At children the activity is shown in the first 2 days - so nervous system reacts to change of a situation.

Everything is interesting to children, and disorders which are even subconsciously experienced on the way by adults, do not concern them. They do not feel fatigue. Increase in physical activity at adults begins along with indisposition symptoms at children.

The children's organism begins to adapt to new conditions, and the same symptomatology, as after road fatigue at adults.

Signs of acclimatization:

Women can have a frustration of a menstrual cycle.

You should not grab for simplification of a state a first-aid kit and to drink uncontrolledly antiemergency, anti-cold and - especially - antibacterial medicines.

It is only necessary to worry when the temperature indicator approached to 38Ї—. It shows that against the background of the immunity lowered because of adaptation pathogenic flora took root into an organism. In all other cases it is enough to accept vitamin C and to drink more water. It is enough to adult to drink from 1,5 to 2 l of water a day, and to children the necessary quantity is calculated on weight. The body weight of the kid is multiplied by 30 - it turns out necessary quantity in grams.

For example, to the kid, weighing 20 kg it is enough to drink between meals and juice of 600 g of water - that is 2 glasses. It is impossible to use local "miracle" sources at all or to drink water from under the crane.

The range in shops now rather wide and if in advance to learn what water can be bought in that country where went for rest, the organism should not even adapt to it that will be able to save from diarrhea.

In the first days you should not move or spend much all the time on the beach. Fatigue and solar burns can weight the general state. That children felt changes less, they need to adhere to a habitual day regimen. In the sun they even in the absence of unpleasant symptoms should be only in time when it less dangerous - up to 10 o'clock in the morning and after 16 o'clock in the evening.

Most three-star hotels - not to mention complexes of the increased stardom - pools and the equipped platforms for rest with canopies have in the territory.

In hot time it is necessary to use these platforms for rest. One more way to reduce unpleasant symptoms and to get rid of feeling of fatigue in the first days - in advance to pass to modern times. Transition is carried out gradually, in 1-2 week prior to moving.

Problems with intestines if it is required to increase physical activity, are solved in most cases medicamentally. When there is an opportunity to eat in one place, conditions good, it is not required "to run" anywhere, it is enough to drink a lot of water to normalize water and electrolytic balance, and the organism itself will adapt to new conditions.

Acclimatization symptoms after the sea at adults and children proceed almost equally.

Unpleasant symptoms return: ache, temperature, sore throat, fatigue Е As the frigid climate, at this time an opportunity to catch a viral or bacterial infection raises.

You should not sin on the bad conditioner and unsuccessful neighbors in the vehicle - reacclimatization always passes heavier. That winter holidays did not lead to problems with health - it is necessary to return to work at peak of an indisposition that is fraught with emergence of complications - it is necessary to consider similar properties of an organism. If to keep couple of days off on adaptation, then it will be possible to remove sharpness of a problem to appearance at work.

Adults who often change climatic zones adapt to similar conditions and do not test unpleasant symptoms fully any more. The indisposition of the first days quickly recedes.

The same who seldom leaves the constant place residence should adapt to new conditions even when moving in the time zone. The organism, unaccustomed to changes, hardly adapts even to water.

Children have an organism always at acclimatization - even if the painful symptomatology is expressed slightly - reacts to changes. The physical and intellectual activity decreases, the immune status changes.

However at frequent changes an organism to learn to react mobile, it is quickly restored, and the immunity increases. It is possible to compare process of adaptation to hardening conditionally. It turns out what acclimatization is even useful?

Each organism differently perceives changes of climate, and these specific features should be considered. If the adult and the child constantly is ill - at first on vacation, and then after it - you should not suffer.

If there is a wish for changes, it is worth choosing interesting places in the climatic zone or to leave to the countries with similar climate.


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